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What do kidney stones really feel like? Here are the symptoms you're likely to experience

As your kidney stone forms, you won't feel any pain. It's when your body tries to get rid of the stone that you experience the true agony of kidney stones! Here's what you can expect to feel when you have a kidney stone: [read more...]

Orange juice: A kidney stone sufferer's best friend!

Instead of taking medications to prevent your kidney stones, use this natural remedy! Oranges contain a natural form of citrate, which does the exact same thing as traditional kidney stone med. So, ditch the meds, and grab a glass of orange juice in the mornings to keep your kidneys stone free [read more...]

Living in South Africa increases your risk of kidney stones by 30%

Does your choice of home country have an effect on how high your risk of kidney stones is? It seems like it can! And it all has to do with the climate. But there's ways around it! Let's see what you can do to lower your risk. [read more...]

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  • Use these tips to take control of your life when you're living with Crohn's disease
  • While the most noticeable symptoms of Crohn's disease are those that affect your digestion, there are plenty more aspects of your health you need to worry about when you have this disease. This because it's an autoimmune disease and it starts affecting your overall health as it progresses. So besides the affect it has on your digestion, it also affects: · Your bones; · Your eyes; · Your joints; and · Your gallbladder. To keep your health in shape when you have Crohn's disease, use these four tips …... ››› more
  • [23 July 2014]
  • Want to follow a gluten-free diet? Here's what it's all about
  • There's a big difference between wanting to and needing to follow a gluten-free diet. People with an allergy, intolerance or sensitivity to the protein in wheat, called gluten, suffer from severe digestive issues when they eat it. These symptoms include painful stomach cramps, diarrhoea, bloating, gas and other stomach problems which affect their health and daily life. And that's why they need to eliminate it from their diet completely. Just choosing not to eat gluten can actually be to the detriment of your health, say experts. This because whole grains play an important role in your digestion. Here's what experts have to say about a gluten-free diet…... ››› more
  • [23 July 2014]
  • On a wheat-free diet? Grab this sweet treat to satisfy your craving
  • Just one biscuit can leave you with bad stomach cramps, gas, bloating and diarrhoea when you suffer from a wheat allergy. But sometimes it's hard to resist, especially when you're so used to biscuits being your go-to foods. But that was before your doctor said you need to stay away from foods containing wheat so you can fix your digestive issues. There is, however, a simple alternative to having a biscuit. Something you may not have thought about to take care of your sugar craving.... ››› more
  • [22 July 2014]
  • Sipping the wrong drink with dinner can upset your wheat-free diet! Drink this instead
  • Beer and a wheat allergy just don't mix. This because most beers contain barley; an essential ingredient that gives them their wheaty flavour. And while there are some beers that claim to be wheat-free, it's best to first speak to your doctor about including them into your wheat-free diet. In the mean time, there's something else you can sip on that's just as tasty and is better for you despite your wheat allergy. So have a glass of THIS to keep your digestive issues under control while you enjoy a round with your friends.... ››› more
  • [22 July 2014]
  • Are you missing your crackers because you're on a wheat-free diet? Try these alternatives
  • When you're looking for a savoury snack, picking up a pack of crackers from the local café is the easiest thing to satisfy your craving. But something so simple can become a bit more challenging when you have a wheat allergy and you have to eat wheat free foods! Well, only if you don't know what to replace the crackers with! That's why, today, we're giving you two great tasting, easy alternatives to feed your salty craving while following a wheat-free diet…... ››› more
  • [22 July 2014]
  • Here's how you can beat the flu this winter!
  • Since 2009, UK researchers have been gathering data and trends about the flu on an online system run by the London School of Hygiene and Tropical Medicine called Flusurvey. During this time, they've discovered a surprising way to reduce your risk of getting the flu by 10%. Read on to discover what it is…... ››› more
  • [22 July 2014]
  • Coping with a wheat-free diet is easy when you use these three tips
  • The diagnosis that you have a wheat allergy might come as a shock to you. But you're probably relieved that you finally know what the cause of your digestive issues have been all these years. Despite that, it doesn't make it easier to have to make such a drastic change to your diet. While you took notes as the doctor explained what your new diet entails, there may still be some confusion and even a little fear that comes with having to make such a drastic change. But we're here to help. And we're providing you with three tips to help you overcome the initial steps required to follow a wheat-free diet.... ››› more
  • [22 July 2014]
  • The big flu vaccine cover up
  • Up until now, people have thought that Tamiflu and Relenza, two common flu vaccines on the market, prevent and minimise symptoms of flu by stopping the virus from spreading in the body. Now researchers have discovered they actually don't do what they say they do. Let's have a look…... ››› more
  • [22 July 2014]
  • If stress is the culprit behind your digestive issues, eat these three stress-relieving foods
  • When you're always under stress, lots of bad things happen in your body. And they affect your overall health. There's more inflammation in all your organs and, the worst of it, is how that affects your gut and the organs within it. The more inflammation there is in your body, the worse the health of your gut. This means your gut can't do its job properly. So not only isn't it able to help fight the inflammation in your system, it isn't able to absorb nutrients to keep your body healthy either. And the vicious cycle of digestive issues continues until you develop chronic diseases because of it. So put a stop to the way stress affects your body at once! Add these stress-relieving foods to your diet to do just that…... ››› more
  • [22 July 2014]
  • Eat these four foods to maintain your weight and prevent digestive issues
  • When you suffer from digestive issues, it's hard to keep your weight under control. One minute you're retaining water, are bloated and you feel heavier than you usually do. The next, you feel like you just can't seem to maintain a healthy weight. Your body struggles to take in the right nutrients from the foods you eat and you're always in the loo. So essentially, your digestive issues - diarrhoea, bloating, constipation and gas - are causing you to feel like you pick up and lose weight day in and day out. But it doesn't need to be this way. In fact, you can maintain a healthy weight AND keep your digestion problems under control. All it take is eating the right types of these four foods.... ››› more
  • [22 July 2014]

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  • Breaking news: Include fish oil capsules as part of your diabetes-prevention plan!

    Remaining active and eating a healthy diet are two of the best publicised ways to prevent diabetes. But a new study shows you can further reduce your risk of developing diabetes, simply by taking fish oil capsules! Read on to discover the new health benefits of omega-3 fatty acid-rich fish oil capsules and how to get the same health benefits from eating more oily fish.... ››› more
  • Lose weight now or pay the consequences with your heart health later…

    Obesity in children is becoming increasingly worrying. Its link to the development of Type II diabetes is widely reported, but new research shows another reason to make sure you're active and healthy from an early age - carrying extra weight when you're young puts you at risk of heart disease later in life! Here's how you can avoid this fate by getting enough exercise and eating a healthy diet together.... ››› more
  • Don't let this unpleasant sign of menopause be the reason your grandkids don't want to visit

    When it comes to the signs of menopause, women are pretty happy to discuss their hot flashes, yet one of the signs they don't mention is body odour. And if you're heading towards this change of life, it's best to know the tips you can use to balance your hormones so you don't suffer this embarrassing fate…... ››› more
  • Joost van der Westhuizen's battle casts the spotlight on motor neurone disease -Here's what you need to know...

    Former Springbok Captain, Joost van der Westhuizen has spoken out about his battle with motor neurone disease. He told the BBC it's been a rollercoaster from day one and now he's on his deathbed. The 42-year-old was diagnosed with deadly condition two years ago. The South African rugby hero's fighting spirit has firmly put the spotlight on motor neurone disease. Here are the important facts you should need to know about the disease…... ››› more
  • Eat eggs for breakfast to put a halt to the three factors that make you 15 years older than your true age!

    In the UK, “30 is really 45”. This shocking statement comes on the back of research that shows most Britons are so unhealthy that we're 15 years older than their parents were at the same age. The three main ageing culprits? Blood pressure, obesity and diabetes. Luckily, these three factors tend to be linked in the anti-ageing fight, so all you need to do is make one change to your diet to add years to your life with this anti-ageing secret!... ››› more
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