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  • Is your son taking part in dangerous drinking games that could rob him of his sight?
  • In 2010, “Vodka Eyeballing” swept through the UK. And while hundreds of articles cropped up in the wake of this game of dares, all has since gone quiet. So, does that mean young people have stopped daring each other to “drink” vodka through their eyeballs? Not at all!! News agencies have simply found more trending topics to cover! Vodka eyeballing is still a very real problem. So much so, the National Institutes of Health has issued an article warning doctors to look out for the symptoms so they know what they're dealing with. Read on to find out what your son might be up to when he's out with his friends and how to recognise it if THIS is what you see…... ››› more
  • [27 November 2014]
  • Red wine isn't just good for your heart, it's great for your ears too!
  • As you know, it's not just a single aspect of your health that benefits when you have the occasional glass of red wine! From cancer to heart disease, dementia and now… Hearing! It's true! The very same antioxidant found in the skins of red grapes that helps ward off chronic inflammation and illness protects your ears from noise-induced damage. Here's information from a study that shows why…... ››› more
  • [27 November 2014]
  • Before you hit the town on a night out, put your toothbrush on your pillow
  • You might think leaving a full glass of water next to your bed or putting out a packet of Rehydrate is the most important thing to do before you leave the house on a night out. After all, there's nothing that's better to ward off tomorrow's hangover tonight, right? Wrong! There's something else that's just as important: Your toothbrush! That's right. A night of binge drinking is devastating for your oral health. Here's why…... ››› more
  • [27 November 2014]
  • Are you 40 but look 55? You might have THIS preventable disease…
  • The skin on your neck is less firm and patchy, your wrinkles deepen into crevices and your skin looks more dull and lifeless. For the life of you, you just can't seem to get rid of the dark circles under your eyes. While you think you shouldn't look like this at 40, you realise there's not much you can do about the ageing process - outside using expensive creams and miracle makeup. It must just be your genes and you vow you're going to “age gracefully” and simply learn to chalk each line and blemish on your face up to the great life you've had so far. But what if the changes in your face aren't because of the ageing process - or your genes - at all? What is there's something far more sinister going on inside your body that you don't even know about? Something that's causing you to age beyond your years? Today, you'll discover the most important test to have on your 40th birthday so, come 50, you don't look and feel 75…... ››› more
  • [27 November 2014]
  • Latest advice from the American Heart Association: “Take statins as a daily vitamin?”
  • My eyes nearly popped out of my head when I read Monday's health message from the American Health Association (AHA). I mean come on? It's a well-known fact that, during the past 20 years, over 900 studies have scientifically DEBUNKED the use of statins. And let's not even mention the 300 KNOWN SIDE EFFECTS of the drug. So why in the world is the AHA saying: “Nearly everyone aged 66 to 75 should consider taking statins to reduce their risk of heart attack and stroke?” And why should you ignore it? Let's take a look…... ››› more
  • [26 November 2014]
  • Trying to beat the bulge before the holidays? Stay away from these five dirty diet tips!
  • Putting on weight over the Christmas period is inevitable. That's why you're putting in so much effort to lose weight in the next few weeks, so it doesn't LOOK like you've put on weight. But be careful! Following any old weight loss tips could have the opposite effects you'd hoped for! That's right! If you don't think about the advice you follow, you could put on weight even BEFORE you've tucked into the Christmas pudding! Luckily, we're sharing five of the worst diet tips with you today so you can reach you weight loss goals in time for your family to shout “happy holidays”!... ››› more
  • [26 November 2014]
  • Soak up the summer sun to improve your overall health
  • Sitting in an office all year round is detrimental to your health. Especially when there's no natural light entering your workspace. That's why you need to make every effort to soak up the summer sun when you go on leave. It'll help you control the vitamin D deficiency your day job has caused! And it's essential you do control it! Because vitamin D plays a role in all major aspects of your health. One of the main reasons you need enough vitamin D is to keep your bones strong and healthy. If you don't have enough vitamin D, calcium can't get into your bones to build them. This means your risk of osteoporosis increases. But another lesser known function of vitamin D is weight management. Read on to find out why you need to spend more time in the sun this December holiday…... ››› more
  • [26 November 2014]
  • Revealed: That pain in your breasts might not be cancer after all
  • With breast cancer rates soaring, any abnormalities you find on your breast might send you into a panic. And while it's great to be so aware of your risk, stressing about it isn't healthy for you either. That's why, today, we're revealing eight other reasons behind your breast pain - some you need to have your doctor check, others not.... ››› more
  • [26 November 2014]
  • After losing 45kg, Erika thought she'd be happy - but it was the exact opposite
  • At 29, Chicago born Erika Schnure had enough of being the bubbly, chubby girl. So she made the decision to change her life. Besides being overweight, she didn't want to end up with diabetes like her mother did. It took some diet changes and a strict exercise routine, but she lost 45kg because of it. She was ecstatic with her achievements. But then everything changed. She hit a plateau and her mental health took a dive. Instead of the elation she thought she'd feel in her new body, she became so severely depressed she didn't know what to do with her life. If you're desperately trying to lose weight because you think it will make you happy, keep reading to find out what Erika says about it.... ››› more
  • [26 November 2014]

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