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  • Take advantage of the “helper's high” this Festive Season to improve your mental health
  • The holidays can be difficult time if you suffer from depression or any other mental health problems. Joining in the festivities makes you even more unhappy because you don't know what gifts to give, you feel ashamed about receiving. But the Festive Season doesn't have to be about gifts! Especially when it leaves you with feelings of guilt and shame, which impact your depression. Did you know there's an easy way to ease your symptoms of depression and improve your mental health this December?... ››› more
  • [17 December 2014]
  • Use these five tips that'll guarantee you have a “Happy Holiday” despite your diabetes
  • Christmas time used to be your happy time, but since your type 2 diabetes diagnosis, it's become something of a horrendous experience. But did you know you can still enjoy every aspect of the holidays despite the disease? That's right! And it doesn't involve avoiding the dessert table or eating something different to what's on everyone else's plate. Read on for five helpful tips to keep your blood sugar under control while enjoying the holidays…... ››› more
  • [17 December 2014]
  • What happens to your body when you decide not to eat?
  • I see a new trend amongst people who want to lose weight. And I'm sure you've probably tried it. You're desperate to lose weight fast so you consider skipping lunch, or another meal. Or you have a low calorie juice for breakfast and think it's going to provide you with the right amount of nutrients for the day. But here's the problem: if you deal with hunger pangs throughout the day you are bound to experience low energy levels. You need to understand why skipping meals is not a good weight loss option and what it's actually doing to your body.... ››› more
  • [17 December 2014]
  • Give the gift of health this Christmas!
  • When it comes to buying Christmas gifts for your family and friends, it can cause unnecessary stress, be time consuming and expensive! And because you don't quite get their “wish list” right, your efforts may go unappreciated and the gift's simply thrown into a drawer full of other useless things. So, why not give the gift of health this Christmas? Everyone wants to be even a little healthier and, if they know how to - because of your gift - they'll be sure to give it a try. And for those who refuse to admit they need to improve their health, gift them something they'll never suspect is healthy! Here are some great ideas for giving the gift of health this Festive Season…... ››› more
  • [17 December 2014]
  • Revealed: New website breaks the silence on sugar
  • Experts have had enough of the sugar industry. They're so fed up in fact, they've put together a website that shows just how deadly the sugar industry is for your health. Experts from the University of California in San Francisco aim to provide you with easy access to research about sugar and what it's doing to you. And it's shocking! There are endless scrolling banners and pop ups displaying the horrific toll a high sugar diet is having on your health. From heart disease to diabetes and a fatty liver; sugar causes it all. But wait before you say: “I know how bad sugar is for me”. Do you really? Not likely! So it's time to have a look…... ››› more
  • [16 December 2014]
  • You won't just walk out of your doctor's rooms with a prescription, you'll end up with a gym membership too
  • Going to the doctor is no longer about just having your pulse and blood pressure checked. No longer will your doctor ask you how you are and send you on your way with a piece of paper with a scribble on it. And no longer are you just going to go home and plop yourself on the couch and take your pills. This because your doctor is going to start prescribing a fitness routine as a means for better health instead of only medicine to keep your symptoms at bay. Here's where it all started…... ››› more
  • [15 December 2014]
  • Don't let the Festive Season leave you broke - and we don't mean because of holidays and presents!
  • You have everything ready on your holiday checklist. Now you just have to wait for the last day of work and you can head off on your Festive Season break. You're so ready! Or are you? Have you forgotten to take into account one important aspect of your holiday? Have you thought about medical emergencies? If not, it's essential you read the article below while we explain five of the most common emergencies you may face while you're on leave.... ››› more
  • [15 December 2014]
  • Your fitness routine just got a whole lot easier!
  • If you're slaving away at the gym trying to lose weight and tone up, stop! That's right. Spending hours on the treadmill and lifting weights is a thing of the past. Even those 30 minutes sessions five times a week to maintain your fitness levels and stay healthy has received an upgrade! Now research has found evidence to suggest just three minutes of intense exercise a week is enough. Don't believe us? Here's what the evidence says about the easy exercise routine to lose weight and improve your fitness levels…... ››› more
  • [15 December 2014]
  • Unexplainable infertility explained: Your health is attacking your manhood
  • When something goes wrong down there, it's not always a problem that generates at the source. And that's exactly what a new study by researchers at the Stanford University School of Medicine discovered. While it's not news that high blood pressure and heart disease cause erectile dysfunction, there's been no previous link to suggest the same ailments can be the cause of unexplained infertility in men. Here's what the research shows…... ››› more
  • [15 December 2014]
  • Eating gluten free isn't the answer to your digestive problems! It's something else…
  • If you suffer from gas, bloating, cramps of even indigestion, you automatically blame gluten. And before gluten even has time to protest, you cut it out of your diet without another thought. It's easy! Nowadays, gluten free living is almost as easy as eating commercially available foods. Besides that, you automatically feel better when you start eating gluten free. But here's the thing. Gluten might not be causing your digestive problems at all. And you're actually doing yourself a disservice by cutting it out of your diet! That's right! There's something far more sinister about what's causing your belly to bubble and boil. And it's worth finding out what it is so you can fix it!... ››› more
  • [12 December 2014]

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