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Women's Cancer

  • Attention, ladies: These are the five cancers you should watch out for!
  • Each year, around 850,000 women in America alone have to bear those terrifying words: “I've got bad news - you have cancer.” But all is not doom and gloom… While a large number of ladies fall sick due to faulty genes and plain bad luck, research shows that around two-thirds of cancer deaths are in fact preventable. What I mean by this, is that there's a lot you can control - you just have... ››› more
  • [18 July 2016]
  • Six proven ways to lower your risk of getting cancer
  • In the wellness world, cancer prevention is a common topic. Unfortunately, it's often over-saturated with extreme techniques that have not been scientifically proven to be effective. Just think about how many times we've all heard the phrase “that causes cancer." Even though this may be beneficial in raising cancer awareness, it's also made many of us paranoid and misinformed. First, it's... ››› more
  • [06 April 2016]
  • Early stage breast cancer is NOT an emergency, experts say
  • Finally, some positive breast cancer news… According to a new study, only 3% of women diagnosed with an early stage of breast cancer will die of the disease within 20 years. And, more aggressive treatment won't improve this high survival rate. “The good news is that death is pretty rare,” said study author Steven Narod, director of the Familial Breast Cancer Research Unit at Women's Colle... ››› more
  • [24 August 2015]
  • New study warns: Just one drink a day can boost a woman's cancer risk
  • Ladies, put down your glass - now! A new study of 136,000 adults has found that just one or two drinks a day can increase your risk of certain cancers! Lead investigator Yin Cao of the nutrition department at Harvard's TH Chan School of Public Health in Boston, US, reported: “Our study reinforces the dietary guidelines that it's important not to go beyond one drink per day for women.” Th... ››› more
  • [21 August 2015]
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