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Treating Gout

  • Understand why you have gout so you can prevent it
  • There are two reasons why you suffer from excruciating joint pain because of gout. The first is because you eat too many foods high in purines. These purines turn into uric acid and your body has no other option but to dump excessive uric acid into your joints. Second, your body can't excrete uric acid well enough, and that's why the uric acid levels in your body shoot up. Use this information to ... ››› more
  • [31 March 2014]
  • If you suffer from gout follow the Meatless Mondays trend
  • Meat is one of the biggest culprits of gout because of the purines it contains. Read on to find out how going meatless on Mondays can help you control your gout… The Healthy Monday campaign can help your decrease your risk of gout Founded in 2003, Meatless Mondays is part of the Healthy Monday campaign conceptualised by the Johns Hopkins Bloomberg School of Public Health Center for a Liveabl... ››› more
  • [28 March 2014]
  • Revealed: How a bowl of breakfast is the best natural remedy for gout
  • If you suffer from gout you know how painful it is, and you'd do anything to prevent the flare-up of your symptoms. And it is possible for you to do just that! It starts with what you choose to eat at breakfast. Read on to discover the best natural remedy for gout… Start the day with a natural remedy for gout   If you’re typically a ‘rush out of the house and grab breakfast on th... ››› more
  • [24 March 2014]
  • Do you suffer from chronic gout? Here's how to tell…
  • Have your symptoms of gout started to get worse over the last few months? If so, you might have developed chronic gout… Read on to find out what you need to look out for in deciding when it's time to seek further treatment for gout. Not managing your symptoms could lead to chronic gout   If you don’t control the levels of uric acid in your system, you’ll be susceptible to sufferi... ››› more
  • [24 March 2014]
  • Prevent chronic gout by understanding your gout attack triggers
  • The best way to prevent your gout from getting worse is to keep your uric acid levels in check. But how do you do this? By knowing what your triggers are, of course! Read on to discover how you can prevent chronic gout from developing, simply by knowing how to prevent your current gout attacks… Pay attention to these four triggers of gout attacks   1. Food: Food high in purines incre... ››› more
  • [24 March 2014]
  • Use this sour fruit as a natural remedy for gout and stop flare-ups in their tracks
  • High uric acid levels in your system is what's causing your gout. And while you diligently follow a gout diet to prevent your symptoms, sometimes you slip up and eat or drink something that wasn't on your diet! When that happens, have this natural remedy for gout on hand to stop your symptoms in their tracks… Lemon juice helps get rid of uric acid in your blood   To stop your body fr... ››› more
  • [19 March 2014]
  • Fill up on bananas and give your gout a one-two treatment punch!
  • Bananas contain potassium and vitamin C, both valuable compounds that are effective in treating gout. Read on to find out more about how eating bananas can prevent painful flare-ups of your gout symptoms… Keep gout symptoms in check by eating bananas   Not only will bananas keep you’re your gout flare-ups to a minimum, they also help to reduce your symptoms when you experience a fl... ››› more
  • [19 March 2014]
  • Here's how using a uric acid test kit can help you treat your gout
  • If you're prone to painful gout flare-ups, it might be worth buying a uric acid test kit. Testing your uric acid can play an important part in preventing and treating your gout! Here's what you need to know about using the kit… Treating gout starts when you control your diet and reduce the amount of uric acid in your body   A uric acid test kit won’t treat or prevent your gout from... ››› more
  • [14 March 2014]
  • Drink MORE coffee: It's a natural remedy for gout
  • Coffee has some great benefits for your overall health. And then there's the link between coffee and gout… The more you drink, the lower your risk of developing symptoms! Here's why you can happily drink four cups of coffee a day and live gout free… What is it about coffee that makes it a natural remedy for gout?   Researchers say that the wonders that coffee has on gout flare-ups ... ››› more
  • [12 March 2014]
  • Anything containing purines could leave you with painful gout - here are the foods to avoid
  • If you suffer from gout, you know you need to avoid certain foods and drinks because they cause your symptoms to flare-up. But what is it about these foods that cause you so much pain? Well, it's a compound called purines. These break down into uric acid, and the levels in your body shoot up. Read on to find out which foods you need to avoid, and those that can help reduce uric acid levels in your... ››› more
  • [10 March 2014]
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