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  • How eating like this can reduce anxiety and help you manage stress better...
  • You can't control external factors when it comes to stress - but there is a way to manage stress better... This method is fully in your control - because it has to do with the way you eat. Find out below what studies have shown helps reduce anxiety, gets you more focused and helps you manage stress better... The Keto diet has shown to alter brain chemicals... If you're anything like m... ››› more
  • [07 October 2021]
  • Relieve pain, stress and more with rosemary..
  • Since ancient times, people have been using Rosemary oil medicinally. And for good reason - see below how this aromatic herb can help improve your health... Five remarkable benefits of rosemary oil... #1: Treats indigestion Rosemary oil can greatly assist with digestive problems, including indigestion. It’s also effective in treating stomach cramps and bloating. Some research shows that... ››› more
  • [01 July 2021]
  • Don't let stress keep you from thriving!
  • Today I want to explore the 3rd out of the 9 categories you need to get a grip on if you want to thrive. Stress. This is a big one - it's the category that affects your quality life in a major way. Find out why below... What I want you to realise today is that it's how you respond to stress that's important... Stress affects your immune system, physical and mental health, how... ››› more
  • [01 July 2021]
  • Post-Traumatic Stress Disorder increases your risk of Alzheimer's by over 60%!
  • An accident... A crime... Abuse... Bereavement... These can all lead to Post-Traumatic Stress Disorder. Nearly everyone will experience some trauma sometime in their lives but most people will recover after the initial symptoms. Unfortunately, one in 11 people will experience Post-Traumatic Stress Syndrome (PTSD). It describes a sense of fear or stress that persists over an extended period o... ››› more
  • [30 March 2021]
  • Do this for a bit longer each time and reduce stress, pain and blood pressure...
  • You do it all the time - but if you do it for just a bit longer, you could send a completely different message to your brain - one that will help you feel less stressed out, lowers blood pressure and even reduces pain sensations... Find out what it is below... The way you breathe could influence your overall health... Researchers from the Stanford University and University of California rec... ››› more
  • [17 March 2021]
  • Real techniques to use when you suddenly feel overwhelmed by stress...
  • The world seems like a different place for many of us... We've had to try and cope with a new set of stressors thanks to the Covid pandemic... They involve a whole new level of isolation and loneliness... new financal struggles... uncertainty... fear... And, as we age, it gets harder to deal with new stressors - it's like trying to learn how to swim in your 50s... So today we bring you... ››› more
  • [18 February 2021]
  • 10 Foods that help reduce stress levels...
  • If only we could turn off stress.... Just put it aside and think with the logic side of our brains... If that were possible, we wouldn't have devastating symptoms like a weakened immune system, heart disease, weight problems and mental fatigue, amongst others... But because it isn't just possible to turn it off, we need all the help we can get to keep it under control - and what better way ... ››› more
  • [09 November 2020]
  • A simple home or office decoration that helps reduce stress and anxiety...
  • With lockdown still fresh in our minds, and financial pressure closing in on most industries, it's not difficult to understand how people are more tense these days... A simple office discord, or if you're dealing with a psychological issue, can seem like a monstrous obstacle that consumes your thoughts and general mood. But there's a decoration that could help you feel less stressed and anx... ››› more
  • [23 September 2020]
  • Diabetes and stress go hand in hand - here's how to manage both...
  • There's a definitive relationship between diabetes and stress. Stress can affect your physical, emotional and mental well-being, as well as your health. It doesn't matter what you're stressing over - finances, work, family or coping with a recent diabetes diagnosis. When your mind is elsewhere, you might drink more alcohol and exercise less, or forget to check your blood sugar levels and admini... ››› more
  • [09 July 2020]
  • Supercharge your body and mind with a herb that reduces the effects of stress...
  • In the wild meadows of North China, grows a woody, thorny vine scattered with distinctive bright red berries. Known locally as Wu Wei Tzu and in the West as Schisandra Chinensis or Chinese magnolia, it has attracted the attention of healers and physicians for some six thousand years. Ancient Chinese healers, as recorded in medical texts dated 2697 BC, claimed that Schisandra was an effective reme... ››› more
  • [27 May 2020]
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