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  • Study finds a link between smoking and increased risk of infection post joint surgery
  • You've been struggling with osteoarthritis in your hip joint for years and have finally decided to go for hip replacement surgery to fix the problem. The prognosis for joint surgery is usually good, so there's nothing to be afraid of, right? Wrong! According to a study recently published in The Journal of Bone & Joint Surgery, while joint surgery like hip or knee replacement usually involve no... ››› more
  • [11 April 2017]
  • Smoking may contribute to rheumatoid arthritis, new research reveals
  • Smoking isn't just a major cause of cancer - according to new research conducted by Stanford University researchers, it may contribute to the autoimmune disease rheumatoid arthritis, too. The research, which was published in journal Arthritis Research & Therapy, investigated the complex interactions between smoking and rheumatoid arthritis in men and women and found differences in the susceptib... ››› more
  • [28 December 2016]
  • This is how smoking is damaging your brain, mouth, heart, lungs and skin
  • Every cigarette that you smoke is harmful. In fact, smoking is one of the biggest causes of preventable deaths… Many adults and teenagers think that there aren't any effects of smoking on their bodies until they reach middle age. Smoking-caused lung cancer and other cancers, heart disease and strokes typically don't occur until many years after a person's first cigarette. However, there ar... ››› more
  • [13 July 2016]
  • The damaging effects of smoking on your skin and how to deal with it
  • So you're a smoker. You know it's bad for you, and you're trying your best to quit. But that doesn't mean you don't want great skin, right? So what should you do? You already know that like the smokey eye, smoking isn't always the best beauty decision. But that doesn't mean you don't deserve a customised skincare routine while you're attempting to beat the habit. I'll let you in on a few thing... ››› more
  • [29 September 2015]
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