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Pumpkin Seeds

  • Calm your brain, burn fat and more by eating more pumpkin seeds
  • If you ask me, it's about time we all started talking about just how amazing pumpkin seeds, one of the best brain foods out there, truly is. Just to get the facts straight: Pumpkin seeds come from pumpkins, which belong to the gourd family. This family also includes cucumber, squash and melon. Pumpkins are round, come in all shapes and sizes, are orange and awesome! However, the best part o... ››› more
  • [12 July 2016]
  • Eat pumpkin seeds before bed to alleviate morning arthritis stiffness
  • Mornings are painful. No, I'm not talking about waking up and getting ready after a good weekend. I'm talking about when you suffer from arthritis! After all, if being in one position for short periods of time during the day is torture, being in bed for eight hours, moving only slightly throughout the night, it's absolute agony when you finally get out of bed. And it's seems there'... ››› more
  • [31 October 2014]


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