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Natural Remedies

  • Sip your stiff joints into a state of relaxation with these herbs
  • New workouts, a recently finished marathon, an extra-long weekend hike or even stressful days at the computer can lead to stiff joints! Many people with stiff joints reach for over-the-counter-medication to help ease the pain when herbal tea is in fact one of the best remedies for stiff joints out there. Herbal tea lets you sip your stiff joints into a state of relaxation, healing support and p... ››› more
  • [09 June 2017]
  • Fight prostate cancer with these four herbs!
  • Nowadays, doctors are now recommending that prostate cancer patients don't use traditional medical cancer treatment unless the cancer is highly progressed - especially if the man is older than 60. But that doesn't mean that prostate cancer patients shouldn't do all that they can to fight prostate cancer… Read on for four herbs that are effective at reducing existing prostate cancer and pr... ››› more
  • [05 June 2017]
  • Stiff joints? Here's what you should and shouldn't eat
  • Stiff joints can be caused by injury and disease of your joints. But here's the good news: No matter the cause of your stiff joints, you can eat for healthy joints. That's correct - by eating and avoiding certain foods, you can get your joints back in tip-top condition - no physical therapy or exercise necessary! While certain foods protect your joints against arthritis, others can worsen j... ››› more
  • [31 May 2017]
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