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  • 2 Nutrients that stop muscle loss!
  • When you hit your 40s, your body absorbs less protein and in turn, makes less muscle. You have to work harder at looking firm than you did in your younger days. But, don't despair - a new study has shown that two natural nutrients could put a halt to muscle loss - even if you don't live at the gym 24/7! More muscle, less food!   If your muscle is turning to flab, you'll be happy to kno... ››› more
  • [19 September 2019]
  • Natural combo stops muscle loss...
  • When you're young, it's almot effortless to build muscle. But when you hit 40, it becomes a real task. The main reason for this is your body doesn't absorb and process protein the way it used to. And by the time you hit your 60s, you've lost a considerable amount of muscle mass. The medical term for this is sarcopenia and until recently, all you could do to keep some of your muscle bulk was... ››› more
  • [08 July 2019]
  • Build up muscle without even trying by eating these foods daily!
  • You head to the gym as often as you can and cut all the calories possible, but you still can't seem to build up muscle. You may be wondering how this is even possible, and we'll tell you how: You aren't eating the right foods. It doesn't matter how often you exercise and how many calories you cut - if you aren't eating the right foods every day, it's impossible to lose those extra kilos and ad... ››› more
  • [20 February 2018]
  • Exercise not helping you build up muscle? You need these two supplements
  • You've started exercising regularly to build up muscle and just don't seem to be getting the most out of it. While it's true that regular exercise promotes muscle gain and strength, and allows you to perform during daily life and exercise, sometimes you need the help of a supplement to achieve optimal results. There are two main supplements that promote muscle gain, namely protein and creatine,... ››› more
  • [06 February 2018]
  • Three reasons you can't build up muscle even though you work out
  • Are you working out to build up muscle but not seeing any results? We know how frustrating that can be! After all, regularly hitting the gym or working out with a personal trainer is a big commitment in terms of time and money. Before you start thinking that all your exercise efforts are for naught, listen up! There are many mistakes that even some personal trainers make when it comes to exe... ››› more
  • [11 January 2018]
  • Three seemingly innocent daily habits that can lead to muscle loss
  • You eat clean most of the time and hit the gym fairly regularly - so why is it that your once firm, sleek upper arms and thighs appear to have been replaced with dropping skin and fat? As it turns out, muscle loss is more than just a vanity issue. Diminished strength also means a reduced quality of life. Everything becomes more difficult - think doing chores, going for walks and climbing stair... ››› more
  • [05 January 2018]
  • Eating almonds can help you build up muscle and stay slim
  • It's no secret that almonds are nutritionally dense powerhouses, but did you know that they can also help you build up muscle and stay slim? Thanks to their healthy dose of essential vitamins, minerals and antioxidants, these nuts aid your body in building muscle while burning fat. Read on for more... We’re already familiar with the heart health benefits of almonds... Most of us are alre... ››› more
  • [30 October 2017]
  • These four plant-based foods help build up muscle as much as meat
  • If you're a vegan or vegetarian, you may think it's impossible to build up muscle. While plant-based eaters aren't typically associated with muscles, the words “plant-based” and “muscles” isn't an oxymoron. Are you ready to prove that plant-based eaters aren't all weak, scrawny and sickly? Great! It's time to get strong like Popeye the sailor with the following five plant-based foods t... ››› more
  • [26 October 2017]
  • Increasing your vitamin D levels can help build muscle
  • We already have a good understanding of how vitamin D helps bone strength. Now, a new study published in the journal PLOS One suggests that the sunshine vitamin can also help build muscle. Researchers from the University of Birmingham in the United Kingdom who conducted the study found that people with higher active levels of vitamin D in their bloodstreams had more muscle mass. Keep reading fo... ››› more
  • [21 August 2017]
  • Eat these seven foods to build up muscle and lose fat
  • If you're trying to build up muscle and lose fat, it's important that you eat a variety of fruits, vegetables, carbohydrates, protein and healthy fats. Fruits and veggies are loaded with vitamins and minerals that are necessary for muscle recovery, while carbohydrates fuel your muscles so you're full of energy during your workouts. Furthermore, protein helps build up and maintain muscle plus lo... ››› more
  • [16 August 2017]
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