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  • Your medication may be behind your memory loss…
  • You might be surprised to learn that the scary side effect of memory loss is a possibility for many commonly prescribed medications. While it's a good idea to get any memory loss issues checked out by your doctor, you may want to consider that culprit may be in your medicine cabinet first. Read on to learn about the common medications that can cause memory loss. These five commonly presc... ››› more
  • [23 March 2018]
  • These herbs reduce anxiety, sharpen your memory and protect against brain tumours
  • It's no secret that herbs are winners for your waistline because they're calorie-free, fat-free, junk-free flavour additions. But did you know that they offer big benefits for your brain, too? It's true - dashes and pinches of certain herbs can help reduce anxiety, sharpen your memory and even protect against brain tumours. Keep reading to learn about four of the best brain-boosting herbs… ... ››› more
  • [14 February 2018]
  • Three tips to improve your memory after menopause that really work
  • Menopause symptoms - hot flashes, night sweats, irregular periods, sleep disturbances and mood swings - downright suck. For some women, losing their period also leaves them feeling like they're losing their mind. Are you one of them? Forgetfulness during menopausal years is pretty normal. Tara Allmen, MD and author of Menopause Confidential: A Doctor Reveals the Secrets to Thriving through Midl... ››› more
  • [15 December 2017]
  • Want to keep your memory sharp? Keep an eye on your waistline!
  • Having a higher body mass index (BMI) can negatively impact your memory, especially if you're an older adult, a new study from the University of Arizona in the United States suggests. The researchers think that inflammation may be to blame, as being overweight contributes to inflammation throughout your body. Keep reading for more.... A number of previous studies have associated weight with ... ››› more
  • [06 December 2017]
  • Take these three steps every morning to protect your memory
  • It happens to all of us: You go to the grocery store and forget the one item you went for. You blank on your new co-worker's name - is it Sue? Sam? And where have you left your car keys?! Don't worry - it's totally normal for your memory to slip up once in a while, especially when you've got a lot of your plate. In fact, studies show have shown that memory loss can begin as early as in your 20... ››› more
  • [28 November 2017]
  • Chunking is a super technique to stretch your short-term memory
  • Most people can only store between four and different seven items in their short-term memory, but it doesn't have to be this way. There's a brilliant technique called chunking that involves grouping a number of items into one larger whole to help you remember much more. Keep reading to learn more about it… Chunking is one way to get past the limit in your short-term memory So how does chu... ››› more
  • [23 November 2017]
  • Age-related memory loss versus dementia: What's the difference?
  • Forgetfulness is common. Each of one us has misplaced our cell phone, forgotten where we parked our car and drawn a blank at the grocery store after leaving the shopping list at home. But there's a point when forgetfulness becomes concerning - especially in older adults. Your brain changes as you age - that's inevitable. So how do you tell the difference between age- related memory loss and ... ››› more
  • [21 September 2017]
  • Two-decade study finds that insulin resistance may lead to accelerated cognitive decline
  • Breakthrough! A new study by researchers at Tel Aviv University in Israel has found a link between insulin resistance - caused in part by physical inactivity and obesity - and accelerated cognitive decline. According to the study, published in the Journal of Alzheimer's Disease, both diabetic and non-diabetic subjects with insulin resistance experienced a more rapid decline in memory and execut... ››› more
  • [17 May 2017]
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