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Medical News

  • Warning: New study finds that just one CT scan can cause serious damage to your cells!
  • Did you know that a computerised tomography (CT) scan can damage your cells? That's right - just ONE scan is enough to do damage, a new study found. But whether or not this causes cancer or any other health problems is unclear, it reported. “The use of medical imaging for heart disease has exploded in the past decade,” study senior author Dr Joseph Wu, director of the Stanford Cardiovascula... ››› more
  • [27 July 2015]
  • Survey finds: Your own doctor is putting you at risk of serious illness or death!
  • According to a new survey, many doctors work while they're sick, putting their own patients at risk for serious illness - or even death! Yikes! According to the researchers, the danger is greatest for patients with weakened immune systems. The study also notes that these practices also increase health care costs. Should you be concerned about this new finding? If so, why? And why do doctors ... ››› more
  • [13 July 2015]


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