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  • New hope for lymphoma and leukaemia patients from an ancient vine...
  • The US National Cancer Institute has identified 3,000 plants that are active against cancer cells - 70% of which are found in the Amazon rainforest. Until recently, only shaman, healers and indigenous tribes held the key to unlocking their extraordinary secrets. Now, thanks to the unrelenting work of leading nutritional researchers, herbalists and alternative doctors, the healing secrets of ... ››› more
  • [31 August 2020]
  • Shocking chemotherapy admission by Chief Medical Officer of the American Cancer Society...
  • There's no question chemotherapy is one of the cruelest dichotomies in modern healthcare. Unfortunately, most of its victims were never told the truth... And millions more may be deprived of this crucial information. I'm sure you're aware that radiation can cause cancer. But has anyone ever told you about the frightening potential harm of chemotherapy? Most patients never hear one word of warning... ››› more
  • [24 June 2013]
  • Revealed: Cancer can be cured if detected early in children!
  • 75% of cancer in children can be cured if found early! That’s the finding of a recent study into the causes of childhood cancer that’s setting the medical community buzzing. Don’t let cancer be your child’s death sentence, read on to discover how early detection is saving children’s lives. Research led by St. Jude Children's Research Hospital scientists has identified a possible l... ››› more
  • [22 January 2013]
  • New insight into how leukaemia works means we could soon have more effective treatment!
  • Leukaemia is one of the most aggressive cancers, which means it’s also one of the most difficult to cure. And as it affects the blood, it’s one of the most difficult forms of cancer to target. New research means doctors will soon be able to better understand the cancer, and hopefully come up with more effective treatment. ScienceDaily reports that in studying the metabolism of acute myeloid... ››› more
  • [21 January 2013]


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