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Insulin Deficiency

  • Five signs your child may have type 1 diabetes
  • Most children who get type 1 diabetes, don't have another family member with it. This because type 1 diabetes isn't hereditary. It's an inflammatory autoimmune disease of the pancreas that results in a lack of insulin. Type 1 diabetes is usually diagnosed between the ages of 10-13. And there's nothing you or your child can do to prevent it. But, it's essential you seek medical help if y... ››› more
  • [19 February 2015]
  • New scientific discovery could wipe out insulin diabetes in pancreatitis patients
  • Pancreatitis is a very painful condition in which the pancreas gets inflamed, sometimes leading to removal of the organ. The most common causes of pancreatitis include: Gallstones, alcohol abuse, an autoimmune response, viral infections and a high blood fat level. Because the pancreas is responsible for producing insulin, if doctors decide to remove the pancreas, the patient automatically contrac... ››› more
  • [05 May 2014]


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