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How To Get Rid Of High Blood Pressure

  • Watermelon: An extremely powerful way to lower your blood pressure
  • Scientists at the Florida State University (FSU) say watermelon is an effective treatment for high blood pressure. This because the amino acids you find in them help to lower blood pressure. But that's not all they do. They also helps repair the damage high blood pressure does to your arteries. And in doing so, watermelon improves the overall health of your heart and lowers your risk of heart atta... ››› more
  • [28 February 2014]
  • Try these four yoga poses to lower your blood pressure
  • A study done in New York found that people with high blood pressure who do yoga have an added benefit! Because yoga focuses on the mind and the body, there's an overall bigger impact on the health of your heart that helps lower your heart rate, destress your body and, in that way, help lower your blood pressure… Study shows that yoga lowers blood pressure by three points   The study ... ››› more
  • [28 February 2014]
  • Lower your blood pressure naturally: Eat an orange a day
  • When it comes to the health of your heart, an apple doesn't keep the doctor away like an orange does! Oranges contain a large amount of vitamin C, which is great at keeping your heart in shape. And lowering your blood pressure. Here's why… Vitamin C combats high blood pressure by keeping free radicals at bay   Because vitamin C is a strong antioxidant, it helps eliminate free radical... ››› more
  • [28 February 2014]
  • Yoghurt, dark chocolate and bananas: The tastiest remedy for high blood pressure
  • There's a definite link between yoghurt, dark chocolate and bananas: They're the best foods for lowering your high blood pressure… So whether you choose to eat the three foods in a tasty dessert or you eat them alone, just make sure they're part of your diet! There’s a dramatic effect on your blood pressure when you include these three foods in your diet   A report in the Huffingto... ››› more
  • [28 February 2014]
  • Go “vegetarian” if you suffer from high blood pressure! It could save your life
  • Only a small number of vegetarians suffer from high blood pressure. Now a Japanese study has found that if you change to a vegetarian diet if you already have high blood pressure, you can lower it naturally too. Here's why you should consider changing to a vegetarian diet… Revealed: The link between a vegetarian diet and lowering your blood pressure   Over 21,000 people took part in ... ››› more
  • [27 February 2014]
  • Three natural ways to keep your blood pressure under control to live medication-free
  • If the top number of your blood pressure (the systolic value) is consistently over 140mmHg, your doctor may tell you that you have high blood pressure. And he'll put you on medication to lower it. But this isn't the only way for you to regain control of your health! There are natural ways you can lower your blood pressure… And they could hep you stop taking your medication all together. Make ... ››› more
  • [27 February 2014]
  • Avoid these six salty foods to take control of your high blood pressure!
  • Salty foods are the main cause of your high blood pressure. Today we reveal six sneaky foods that contain an exorbitant amount of salt so you can avoid them and take control of your high blood pressure. Avoid these six foods – lower your blood pressure naturally   According to Medicalnewstoday.com, research found these six foods to contain the highest amounts of hidden salts.   ... ››› more
  • [26 February 2014]
  • Revealed: This tiny seed could naturally lower your blood pressure by 30 points
  • Looking for an all-natural way to lower your blood pressure? This remarkable discovery could help you lower yours by 30 points! A study conducted in Italy reviewed the blood pressure of 119 women for fourth months. Part of the group changed their lifestyle habits in order to lower their blood pressure. The others changed their lifestyle habits and did one more thing. They took 300mg of grape se... ››› more
  • [13 February 2014]


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