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Home Remedies

  • Why sipping a cup of tea is all you need to relieve your PMS symptoms
  • When you're heading into your monthly cycles your physical and emotional wellbeing feels compromised. You're tired, bloated, agitated and just feel yuk! The medications you rely on don't seem to work well enough to make you feel better, and you just want to crawl up and sleep for days… That's if you could sleep with the painful cramping you get. But there's a natural solution to PMS: A cup of te... ››› more
  • [18 May 2016]
  • Four ways to treat your sore throat without a visit to the doctor
  • A sore throat is often the first sign of a cold, the side effect of strained vocal cords, or an indication of something more serious (like strep throat). Regardless of the cause, your immediate concern when it strikes is how to relieve it - fast. While you might be tempted to run to the doctor, some of the best treatments are home remedies, according to Jeffrey Linder, an internist at Brigh... ››› more
  • [26 June 2015]
  • Use these bath secrets to help ease your joint pain
  • If you suffer from joint pain and swelling, you probably take a handful of pills every day to help numb your pain. But, some days, they just don't help and you end up feeling sore and miserable. The good news is now you can relax in a hot bath and soothe your joint pain away with these bath secrets... Natural remedies for arthritis that don’t come in a pill When you don’t feel like ... ››› more
  • [24 April 2015]
  • Three quick and easy mole removal kitchen home remedies
  • Although not many doctors would readily endorse natural mole removal methods, they are cheap, easy and perfectly safe! And the best part? Everything you need is already in your kitchen! Read on to find out more about three amazing natural mole remedies. But first - why home remedies? Many people have tried home remedies for mole removal and claim they worked brilliantly. Because they d... ››› more
  • [17 April 2015]
  • Today, Dr Oz shares three of his favourite natural pain relief remedies
  • Pain can ruin your entire day. And even if it's just a sore finger, you always seem to bump it in just the right spot to remind you that you're in pain. Now, I can just imagine if that happens to me so often, what living with constant and chronic pain is like for you every day. Debilitating! That's why I went on the hunt to look for some ways that'll provide you with natural pain r... ››› more
  • [19 February 2015]
  • Stop 2015 from being the year of living with chronic pain
  • After an amazing and relaxing December break, you're back at work and you're in pain again. The freedom of being able to move around throughout the day while you were on holiday seemed to make your chronic pain disappear. But now it's back. With a vengeance. While you're supposed to be enjoying the start of the New Year, you're writhing around in pain instead. But don't worry, your des... ››› more
  • [12 January 2015]
  • Avoid a bedroom flop! Here are three home remedies for ED
  • Not only is it embarrassing for you when you're ready for action, but it can be so embarrassing you don't even want to talk to your doctor about it. But you're making a mistake. This because the cause of your erectile dysfunction (ED) could be something that's easy to treat. And this means you don't have to live your life worrying about bedroom flops! So make an appointment with your d... ››› more
  • [07 January 2015]
  • Work that hangover out of your system with these five effective exercises
  • Celebrating is the name of the game these holidays. You're on leave, able to relax more and enjoy time spent with family and friends. The thing is, it might involve drinking more alcohol than you can usually tolerate! Even if you drink two glasses of wine, it can leave you with nasty, niggling hangovers every morning. And it's a sure way to spoil your day! Luckily, you can exercise... ››› more
  • [24 December 2014]
  • If you can't breathe properly at night it could cause hearing loss, warn experts
  • A recent study presented at the American Thoracic Society's 2014 International Conference proves there's a direct link between sleep apnoea and hearing loss. The large-scale study found 10% of participants suffered from sleep apnoea. And, out of those, a whopping 31% suffered some high frequency hearing loss, 90% low frequency hearing loss and 38% all frequency hearing loss. It shows a cle... ››› more
  • [17 November 2014]
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