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High Fat

  • Small study reveals how long it takes for a Westernised diet to alter your metabolism
  • As it turns out, the Westernised diet - topped with butter, featuring junk food like fatty microwavable meals, instant noodles, pizza, doughnuts and biscuits - doesn't take long to do some really bad things to your metabolism. Just how long, you ask? According to a small study recently published in the journal Obesity, following a junk food diet for just five days can wreak havoc on your metabo... ››› more
  • [23 March 2017]
  • Here's why the Tim Noakes diet might leave you with cancer…
  • Despite all the controversy surrounding the Banting diet and Tim Noakes jumping on board, people are still raving about it. But on top of what experts say about this type of diet and what it does to your health in terms of high blood pressure, cholesterol and heart disease, there's something more shocking about what can happen to your body when you follow a high fat diet like this. It can... ››› more
  • [20 February 2015]
  • Indulge just a little to save your heart health, says new study
  • You know that eating too much fat is bad for your health. Just think back to all the hype about the Tim Noakes' diet and Banting just a few months ago! You know that it can lead you down the path to high cholesterol and eventual heart disease just because your body can't process that sheer amount of fat. But it might not be all bad, reveals a new study. In fact, eating a high fat d... ››› more
  • [20 February 2015]
  • Don't let your daughter eat chips! They're increasing her breast cancer risk
  • By allowing your daughter to eat fried chips - even just once a week - you're increasing her risk of breast cancer when she's older. What's worse, her risk is greatest if she's eating chips when she's under the age of five. This simple act increases her risk of breast cancer when she's older by a whopping 27%. And when she eats chips more than once a week, her risk doubles, says a study. ... ››› more
  • [07 October 2014]
  • Would you follow a diet that helped you lose weight but left you with IBS?
  • If you're desperately trying to lose weight, you might do just about anything to achieve your weight loss goals. But would you sacrifice your overall health just to be skinny? The sad truth is, many people are doing just that. And even sadder, they don't even know they're doing it… It's true! Research says following a high fat diet can destroy your gut health and leave you with irrit... ››› more
  • [29 September 2014]
  • Cutting carbs could wreck your health, warn experts
  • There are so many fad diets out there you probably don't know what to eat anymore. Whether it's a high fat diet or high protein diet, you're prepared to try anything to lose weight… The thing is, at the beginning of any fad diet, if you can stick to it, will give you wonderful weight loss results. This because you're probably cutting out an entire food group or you're eating very few calori... ››› more
  • [10 July 2014]
  • Quick! Cut dairy from your diet after cancer to prevent early death!
  • If your cancer's just gone into remission, you're likely to treat yourself with yummy food - after all, you've just stared down what used to be a definite death sentence so you deserve to live each day as if it's your last. Unfortunately, research shows you'll reach your last day sooner if you reach for anything creamy after beating cancer, as fatty foods have been found to increase your risk of e... ››› more
  • [15 March 2013]


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