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High Blood Sugar

  • Harvard study finds that type 2 diabetes can destroy your brain health in just two years
  • Type 2 diabetes alone is a serious condition. And now, new Harvard Medical School research shows that it can also cause a further problem: Mental decline. According to the news study, in as little as two years, type 2 diabetes sufferers may develop problems with blood flow to the brain. This could in turn lower their thinking and memory skills drastically. Study author Dr Vera Novak reports... ››› more
  • [13 July 2015]
  • Three tips to help you cut out (deadly) sugar-sweetened drinks
  • You already know that sugar-sweetened beverages are bad for your health. But now, new research shows that they can actually be deadly. Scary stuff! The new study, conducted by Tufts University researchers, outlines that sugar-sweetened beverages like iced teas, fruit drinks, sport or energy drinks and soft drinks cause 184 000 deaths worldwide every year. According to the study, approximatel... ››› more
  • [10 July 2015]
  • Avoid glycation and extend your life
  • Simply put, glycation is a process by which proteins, certain fats and glucose all tangle together. It affects all your body's tissues and tends to make them stiff and inflexible. Glycation causes most problems for your organs where flexibility is most important. For example, your heart, kidneys, eyes and skin. Once your tissues become glycated, they start producing “glytoxins”, such as ... ››› more
  • [02 June 2015]
  • 4% of you WILL develop diabetes just because you wear make-up
  • Did you ever think being beautiful would be the reason you developed type 2 diabetes? It's true! No longer is the fat slob with unhealthy foods all over their plate the only one at risk of diabetes. You, the girl who goes to gym everyday, eat salad and vegetables for lunch and dinner are also at risk. And it's just because you “take care” of yourself, wearing make-up and putting cream ... ››› more
  • [03 October 2014]
  • Type II diabetes is no match for this tasty snack!
  • There are more than 8 million people around the globe that suffer from type II diabetes. And it's an epidemic that's spreading without slowing down. Not only is your diet high in sugar, your lifestyle means you're not getting the required amount of exercise you need every day. These are two of the main risk factors that put you at risk of developing diabetes. But there's a simple way to prevent it... ››› more
  • [09 May 2014]
  • If you have sugar diabetes, watch out for these sneaky carbs
  • The best way to control your sugar diabetes is to focus on your diet. Eating only natural sugars and carbs means your blood sugar won't be on a rollercoaster. But sometime the carb and sugar content of your favourite meals isn't that obvious. Today, we'll reveal the worst meals to eat if you're trying to manage your sugar diabetes. Avoid carb-loaded foods at breakfast to manage your sugar diabe... ››› more
  • [04 April 2014]
  • Here's how fish (and four other foods) can lower your blood sugar naturally
  • Controlling your diabetes starts with your diet. You need to eat the good food and cut out the bad to really get the upper hand on your disease. Here's one easy change you can make to your diet to lower your blood sugar completely naturally. Don’t just count the calories when you’re trying to lower your blood sugar naturally! It’s important to count calories when you’re trying to lose ... ››› more
  • [01 April 2014]
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