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Heart Disease Risk Factors

  • If you have coronary artery disease, you won't benefit from aspirin...
  • Researchers from the University of Florida Health have discovered that patients with coronary artery disease may not benefit from aspirin - a drug commonly used to treat minor aches and pains. While heart disease patients have been using aspirin for decades to cut their risk of heart attack and other heart problems, the team found that the drug has little or no effect on patients who have a pla... ››› more
  • [13 June 2017]
  • Finally! American study uncovers how stress increases your heart disease risk
  • Your doctor has warned you more times than you can count - your high stress levels are putting you at increased risk of heart disease and stroke. But has he or she ever been able to explain to you exactly how high stress can contribute to heart disease risk? Up until now, doctors and scientists alike have been unclear on the long suspected link between high stress levels and heart disease. Howe... ››› more
  • [14 January 2017]
  • Your bad sleeping habits are contributing to your heart disease risk factors
  • Do you sleep too much or too little? Either one is considered a sleep disorder. And your bad sleeping habits are affecting more than your productivity levels throughout the day! In fact, according to statement published by The American Heart Circulation in the journal Circulation, too much or too little sleep may contribute to heart disease risk factors. So how many hours of rest should you ... ››› more
  • [27 December 2016]
  • Manage stress and you slash your risk of heart attack in half!
  • A study by Monash University has released an urgent health warning… “If you're feeling seriously stressed, you're at double the risk of having a heart attack!” Researchers urge anyone who's under extreme stress to take this warning seriously. If you've been feeling especially stressed or pressured recently, I urge you to read on. Study reveals why stress puts you at double the ri... ››› more
  • [29 April 2015]
  • Cut down on fried foods - they contribute as much to high blood pressure as stress does!
  • It's well-known that fried foods are a big cause of high blood pressure. But did you know that the risk is as great as that of stress? Dr Gregory Harshfield from the Georgia Health Sciences University recently uncovered that stress and fried foods contribute equally to high blood pressure. In the study, which looked at the lifestyles of young adults, he explains exactly why this is the cas... ››› more
  • [29 April 2015]
  • All you need to improve your heart health is a little TLC…
  • The rate of heart disease across the globe is soaring. And sadly, even though you think you live a healthy life, you may have some habits that put your heart health at risk. If you don't change these habits now, your heart health will deteriorate! And this could lead to a future of serious conditions like heart disease! But it's easy to improve your heart health if you just know how! A... ››› more
  • [02 December 2014]
  • Your body changes as you go through menopause! And so does your heart disease risk…
  • Menopause doesn't CAUSE heart disease, reassures the American Heart Association. It's what you do in your younger years that increases your risk of heart disease when you hit menopausal age. For instance, if you're heavy, don't get regular exercise and smoke before you reach menopause, your risk of heart disease is higher than women who are healthier. If you're heading towards menopause, i... ››› more
  • [20 October 2014]
  • Is that splitting headache putting you at risk of heart disease?
  • You can see your migraine coming for miles. First, you'll have blurry vision, spots in front of your eyes and severe light sensitivity. Then there's the upset feeling in your stomach. The type that leave you wondering if you're going to have to rush to the loo in the next few minutes, or if you're going to remain queasy and nauseous all day. Then comes the pain. That throbbing, pulsing... ››› more
  • [20 October 2014]
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