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Heart Condition

  • Heart conditions can also affect your legs, feet, kidneys and brain
  • Experts from the Society for Vascular Surgery have revealed that heart conditions affect more than just your heart - they can also affect your legs, feet, kidneys and brain. The experts explained that heart conditions is a general term usually associated with arteriosclerosis or hardening of the arteries. Arteriosclerosis is progressive disease in which plaque builds up in the arteries. Ove... ››› more
  • [10 August 2017]
  • This vaccine may cut your risk of heart conditions…
  • A first phase trial to determine translation in humans following the wake of successful results in mice to immunise against high levels of cholesterol and narrowing of the arteries - both risk factors for heart conditions such as heart failure, coronary heart disease, congenital heart disease and inflammatory heart disease. The researchers started the first phase of the clinical study at the De... ››› more
  • [23 June 2017]
  • Watch your heart health if you sleep too much, warn experts
  • If you frequently sleep more than ten hours a night, it might be harming your heart health, warn experts. In a recent study, experts found that people - they call them “long sleepers” - who sleep too much have just as high a risk of heart disease as short sleepers. What they found in their study was that long sleepers had significantly high levels of the heart disease marker, C-reactiv... ››› more
  • [20 November 2014]
  • Don't get enough sleep? Your risk of dying from heart disease just shot up 48%
  • You might think the only side effects of sleep deprivation are that your brain is a bit foggy and you become clumsier, but there's a devastating effect your minimal sleep has on your heart. In a study, researchers found participants who slept less than six hours a night have a massive 48% higher chance of dying from heart disease than those who get between seven and nine hours good quality sle... ››› more
  • [14 November 2014]
  • This blood test could stop a looming heart attack and save your life!
  • Researchers at the Ottawa Heart Institute recently discovered a specific protein in patients having a heart attack. Asking your doctor to check for this protein could save your life! *********** Product endorsement ************   So what’s nature’s secret to optimum mental health?   That’ll help you:   • Protects you from depression and other mood disorders including schizo... ››› more
  • [21 September 2014]
  • Fruit could reduce your risk for heart condition by 40%!
  • Could preventing cardiovascular disease and stroke be as simple as eating fresh fruit every day? The good news is, YES, it can! A new study at the University of Oxford in the UK showed fresh fruit can help reduce your risk for cardiovascular disease and stroke by as much as 40! Here's what you should know… Lower your chances of dying from a heart disorder by eating fruit every day!... ››› more
  • [03 September 2014]
  • High cholesterol could cause cancer!
  • You've heard that high cholesterol leads to heart conditions and stroke. But did you know cholesterol may also lead to cancer? Researchers have just discovered that cholesterol activates a cellular reaction linked to cancer. Let's have a look…   Dietary cholesterol is major risk factor for tumours and the spread of cancer   The researchers at the University of Illinois in the US, f... ››› more
  • [16 July 2014]
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