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  • Six lifestyle measures you should take every day to keep your gut health balanced
  • When it comes to keeping your gut healthy and happy, your daily routine is key. Here are six tips you should be following every day to keep your gut health balanced! Six essential daily tips for a healthy gut #1: Start your day by drinking warm water In Ayurveda – an ancient Eastern mind-body medical system – it’s said that drinking warm water on an empty stomach helps power up... ››› more
  • [07 April 2017]
  • Study suggests that cannabinoids may be as effective as drugs to prevent heart disease
  • The marijuana plant contains a group of compounds called cannabinoids, which past animal studies suggest may prevent a number of health conditions. These include high blood pressure, stroke, heart attack and atherosclerosis. Now, researchers from the University of Nottingham School of Medicine in Nottingham in the UK have found that cannabinoids may have the very same effects in humans! Stud... ››› more
  • [05 April 2017]
  • You can reduce your cholesterol by drinking green tea, according to Chinese study
  • You limit your intake of saturated fats, trans fats and dietary cholesterol, you eat lots of fibre-rich fruits and vegetables, you choose high-protein plant foods over meat and you take plant sterol supplements. Is there anything else you could possibly be doing nutritionally to lower your cholesterol the natural way? Actually, yes, according to a fresh Chinese meta-analysis... According to ... ››› more
  • [01 February 2017]
  • Four tips to be a probiotic pro and optimise your gut microbiota
  • These days, gut health and probiotics are both hot topics in the media - and for good reason. Your gut health is essential to just about every aspect of your health, and probiotics play a major role in your digestive health and keeping your gut microbiota balanced. If you're currently taking a probiotic supplement to support or heal your gut, you're probably wondering if you're doing it right. ... ››› more
  • [20 January 2017]
  • A glass of wine a day to keep the doctor away... yes, really!
  • If you love a tipple with your dinner every evening, you may be worried that your drinking habits are negatively affecting your health. In that case, you're wrong! According to a recent study published in the journal Vaccine conducted by researchers at the University of California School of Medicine, a drink a day may help strengthen your immune system and improve your body's ability to combat ... ››› more
  • [19 December 2016]
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