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  • Get ready to say bye-bye to chronic stress and fatigue with ETAS
  • Chronic stress and fatigue are widespread individual problems in today's modern world and re fast becoming a social problem, too. While there are many natural remedies that can help you get your stress levels and fatigue under control, there's one you probably haven't heard of yet that works better than any of the rest - ETAS, an enzyme-treated asparagus extract that's taking the health world ... ››› more
  • [16 November 2017]
  • The anti-stress effects of ETAS - an innovative asparagus extract
  • By now, you've probably heard of ETAS, an innovative asparagus extract that has beneficial effects on stress levels due to its capacity to induce cytoprotective heat-shock proteins. ETAS helps reduce the effects of stress by controlling your levels of cortisol - the stress hormone. In addition, ETAS helps improve your mood, cognitive function and quality of sleep. Read on to learn more. Stre... ››› more
  • [13 November 2017]
  • The 'shocking' secret to a deep night's sleep…
  • You know those asparagus stalks you've been throwing in the bin while preparing dinner? Turns out, those tough stems have been hiding the secret to sleep management all this time… The scientific community has finally caught on that the lower portion of asparagus stalks contain a propriety ingredient called ETAS, which has the unique ability to increase the production of a powerful, protective... ››› more
  • [10 November 2017]
  • Forget dangerous sleeping pills - try nature's sleep aid for deep sleep
  • Sleeping pills may be a quick-fix for improving your quality of sleep, but they're also one of the most dangerous drugs out there. In fact, one recent study tied the popular sleeping pill Ambien to a fivefold increase in death! Still, insomnia is a very real issue that affects millions of people around the world. If you're one of them, you'll be thrilled to know that a there's a new, all-natura... ››› more
  • [10 November 2017]
  • Is a legal compound from an illegal drug the answer to breast cancer prevention?
  • While marijuana is illegal in South Africa, hemp oil isn't. And hemp products are slowly creeping into mainstream natural medicine as remedies for all sorts of ailments and disease. Some health fanatics even claim hemp oil can cure cancer. And while it's not a brand new theory - in fact, claims for the healing power of hemp oil have been around since the 70s - it's not until recently t... ››› more
  • [05 December 2014]


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