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Dental Health

  • Report reveals that mouthwash may be a cure for the sexually transmitted disease gonorrhoea
  • Ever heard of the sexually transmitted disease (STD) gonorrhoea, also known as “the clap”? The STD, which is caused by the bacterium Neisseria gonorrhoeae, is fairly common - and the infection rate just keeps rising! Research shows that the STD is most common in bisexual and gay men. While most people with gonorrhoea show no symptoms, men sometimes experience testicular pain or burning with... ››› more
  • [30 December 2016]
  • Study finds that coconut oil attacks the bacteria in your mouth that causes tooth decay
  • You've likely heard of the benefits of coconut oil many times before... it moisturises your skin, relieves a dry scalp, boosts your brain health, regulates your blood sugar and promotes weight loss. But here's one you probably haven't heard before... According to a 2012 study presented at the Society for General Microbiology's Autumn Conference at the University of Warwick in the UK, coconut oi... ››› more
  • [20 December 2016]
  • Four simple hacks to get whiter teeth without all the painful chemicals
  • I take oral hygiene very seriously. I think it stems from the fact that when I was a teenager, I had braces. After my orthodontist removed them just before I finished high school, I started using bleach to whiten my teeth a lot. After a few years of bleaching my teeth I started noticing that the enamel was wearing down and that my teeth were becoming seriously sensitive. That's when I started r... ››› more
  • [29 September 2016]
  • Want to whiten your teeth the non-toxic way? You can! And it's simpler than you think...
  • Tooth discoloruation or yellowing is a natural part of the ageing process. And while we all want white teeth for life, not all of us are willing to bleach our pearly whites for an enhanced smile. Bleaching agents are packed with many harmful chemicals that seep through your tongue, gums and the rest of your body. They can also leave your teeth and gums feeling terribly sensitive! Luckily, there... ››› more
  • [19 September 2016]
  • Did you know that looking after your teeth can help you prevent cancer?
  • Remember how when you were a child, your mother used to urge you to brush your teeth every day to prevent cavities, tooth loss and gum disease? Turns out she was onto something way more than that… According to a new study published in the British Medical Journal, poor oral health could also boost your risk of cancer. At first this may seem surprising, but when you think it through, it makes a... ››› more
  • [15 September 2016]
  • Three compelling reasons to surrender sugar - for good
  • Many years ago, if you wanted to sweeten your tea or coffee, you only had a handful of choices - white sugar, brown sugar or honey. Today, there are many different sugar substitutes on the market to suit consumers' varying preferences as to which best suits their waistline and taste buds. We're spoilt for choice! If you haven't hopped on the sugar-free bandwagon yet, it's about time you d... ››› more
  • [04 August 2016]
  • The healthy snacks that won't and will damage your teeth
  • You already know that things like soft drinks and chocolate bars aren't good for your teeth. Back in high school, my science teacher once taught my class this lesson by dropping a tooth into a jar filled with a sugary soft drink. Over a week, we watched the tooth dissolve. Since then, I've steered completely clear of soft drinks and sweets. I love my teeth, so I'd never do anything to ruin the... ››› more
  • [15 September 2015]
  • Swap out sports drinks for healthier alternatives or risk tooth erosion!
  • Over the last decade, sports drinks have become increasingly popular. Many people love these drinks as much as coffee. Does this include you? Well, if it does, I have some bad news for you: Your teeth don't love sports drinks as much! How sports drink can harm your teeth Scientific research has found that the pH levels in many sports drinks can lead to tooth erosion. That’s because they c... ››› more
  • [27 August 2015]
  • Diabetes is ruining your smile...
  • Your smile is one of your best assets, so, of course, you want to keep it sparkling! But even if you brush, use white strips and visit your dentist twice a year, it may not be enough if you're diabetic… How being diabetic can put a serious hamper on your smile Diabetes reduces your body’s resistance to infection. Therefore, you’re at an increased risk of gum disease. This disorder is ... ››› more
  • [27 August 2015]
  • Breastfeed your baby to give him straight teeth!
  • The more babies breastfeed, the less likely it's that they will develop any kind of misalignment in their teeth later on, a new study shows. But pacifiers can negate some of that potential benefit, even if the children are breastfeeding, the Australian researchers said. So if you want your little one to have a healthy, straight set of pearly whites later on in life, consider breastfeeding! R... ››› more
  • [18 June 2015]
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