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Colour Of Urine

  • Listen to your pee… It can tell you a lot about your health
  • Consider this the next time you're about to flush - you may be sending important health information down the toilet. And that's why I recommend you give your urine a little more respect. You see changes in your urine - its colour, odour and consistency - can provide important clues about the health of your body. Your urine can reveal what you've been eating, how much you've been drinking and wh... ››› more
  • [02 July 2014]
  • Your pee tells you whether you're at risk of developing kidney stones
  • You can determine what's going on with the health of your kidneys just by looking into the loo once you've done a number one. And it's not only the health of your kidneys that you'll see, the colour of your urine could indicate whether you're susceptible to kidney stones or not. So, next time you go to the loo, take note of the colour of your pee so you can improve the health of your kidneys and l... ››› more
  • [27 February 2014]

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