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Cancer Fighting Diet

  • Breast cancer changes another beautiful celebrity's life…
  • Breast cancer appears to be taking over the world. In the last few months we heard of Angelina Jolie's fight to keep breast cancer from claiming her life. She publicly spoke about her double mastectomy and how her risk was because of her genes. Just recently, she had her ovaries removed too, as they were creating a 50% ovarian cancer risk. Now there's another beautiful celebrity going ... ››› more
  • [16 April 2015]
  • Warning: Your diet is making your prostate cancer worse
  • As if having prostate cancer isn't bad enough, your favourite foods are making it worse. Especially if you enjoy eating a juicy, thick steak and other foods containing saturated fat, like cheese and butter. The link? Researchers at the University of Queensland discovered the activation of two proteins caused by eating these types of foods and how it makes your prostate cancer more aggr... ››› more
  • [13 April 2015]
  • It's time to explore the health benefits of white tea once more…
  • You might be an avid fan of green tea. After all, you know about its antioxidant benefits, its ability to boost your immune system and even help you control your weight. So what could be better than that? White tea, of course. And while you don't have to give up drinking green tea - or black tea for that matter - because both still have excellent health benefits, if you really want to ... ››› more
  • [06 February 2015]
  • Don't let ‘naughty foods' be the reason you get prostate cancer!
  • As you get older, you develop an enlarged prostate. The cells in your prostate simply proliferate and the gland becomes bigger. And while you might not develop any symptoms because of it, as the cells grow and multiply there's a chance they'll become cancerous. And that's why you need to watch your diet to prevent prostate cancer! Read on to discover one of the biggest cancer-causing culp... ››› more
  • [16 May 2014]
  • Researchers say compounds in THIS tea may prevent prostate cancer
  • Green tea is great for many aspects of your health, but now scientists believe it may also help prevent prostate cancer! Read on to discover the effect green tea can have on your prostate health. --------------------------------------------------------------- Newly discovered secret tumour triggers...  Does testosterone cause prostate cancer? Experts now think high levels of the female horm... ››› more
  • [25 April 2014]
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