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Breast Cancer Risk Factors

  • Lower your risk of breast cancer by reducing your overall body fat
  • All along you've been told that a reduction in belly fat is associated with lower levels of breast cancer markers. But a new study published in the journal Endocrine-Related Cancer has found that it's actually a reduction in overall body fat that's associated with lower risk of breast cancer! Researchers behind this study say the results highlight the importance of maintaining a healthy weight ... ››› more
  • [09 June 2017]
  • This common dental procedure could give you breast cancer
  • No one wants to have a root canal. Yet, it's one of the most common dental procedures around. This despite the fact that new research reveals it can cause breast cancer. Read on to find out more below. Root canal turns friendly bacteria into cancer-causing toxins   During a root canal, your dentist hollows out your infected tooth and fills it with metal rods. These rods elimina... ››› more
  • [14 October 2015]
  • Revealed: Change your lifestyle, lower your risk of breast cancer!
  • Anne McTiernan from the Fred Hutchinson Cancer Research Center, says women should never blame themselves when they develop breast cancer, but women who don't have the disease have the chance to lower their risk of having it. She says only 5% to 10% of cases result from genetics and DNA mutations. The remaining cases develop because of other causes, including lifestyle. But you have the c... ››› more
  • [04 September 2014]


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