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  • It's time you start paying more attention to your bone health - follow these five tips...
  • Here are two alarming statistics: Fragility fractures affect approximately one-half of women and one-third of men over the age of 50. Thankfully, there are steps you can take to break-proof your bones and prevent them. Don't be one of those people who don't give their bones a second thought until there's a problem - check out these five effortless ways to keep them healthy and strong as you age... ››› more
  • [06 February 2018]
  • “We're facing a muscle-wasting epidemic”
  • It's time to pay attention to a disease no-one is talking about… Are your children getting taller - or are you just getting shorter?   Your muscles whither and waste as you age, and it puts you at risk of arthritis, heart disease, diabetes, osteoporosis and many more horrific disease...   There's an easy and natural way to protect your muscles as you grow older ... ››› more
  • [12 May 2016]
  • As you grow old, toxic inflammation builds up and leaves you with:
  • -Achy joints, -Premature ageing of the skin (and less visible but more important organs like the heart, kidneys, and liver), -Difficulty losing unwanted kilos, -Memory loss, -Forgetfulness, -Feeling blue and moody, -And so much more...​ We are living much longer than our ancestors ever did, so why shouldn’t we do everything we can to live healthy lives and age wisely to en... ››› more
  • [05 May 2016]
  • The truth about the alkaline diet
  • As you may already know, according to the theory behind an alkaline-based diet, consuming too much acidic food will cause an increase in the acidity (and decrease in pH) of your body. In turn, this increases your chances of developing diseases like osteoporosis and cancer. Yikes! But before you start stressing out about your next meal, allow me to shed some light on why this theory may not... ››› more
  • [01 March 2016]
  • Five new reasons to sip on tea every day
  • Did you know, that in China, where they have a tea history of over one thousand years, people enjoy endless cups of steaming hot tea at home and bring a thermos of hot tea with them wherever they go? They believe that tea helps digestion and sharpens the mind. Monks are known to have relied on the power of green tea to stay awake and focused during long hours of meditation. Therefore, it's no w... ››› more
  • [24 February 2016]
  • The essential nutrient for strong bones (Hint: It isn't calcium)
  • Let's face it, when you think about bone health, your mind might travel back to the “Got Milk?” campaigns that successfully cemented the concept that drinking milk daily would help you grow big and strong. Am I right? I thought so. Today, calcium is still equated with strong bones, but you would be hard-pressed to find an article that doesn't instruct us to also pair our calcium with vitami... ››› more
  • [22 February 2016]
  • Five ways to build strong bones without drinking milk
  • Contrary to popular belief, you can get all of the calcium your body needs without ever touching a glass of cow's milk. I'm not a huge fan of milk because, among its many problems, studies show that dairy can stall fat loss and exacerbate skin conditions like acne (yikes!). When it comes to strong bones, studies show that countries with the highest milk consumption have the highest levels of os... ››› more
  • [18 February 2016]
  • Why you should be drinking almond milk - plus a super simple recipe
  • Making processed food substitutes can save you a ton of money on your whole food budget. I make my own coconut milk, nut butters, seed butters and vegetable broth mixes. In that same vein, today I'm sharing how to make almond milk. I personally have never been a big milk drinker. But I do use it over cereal and granola, and sometimes in my tea. A couple years ago, I discovered almond milk. Mak... ››› more
  • [22 October 2015]
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