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  • Drinking plus being overweight is a recipe for oesophageal cancer, report warns
  • According to a new report, people who drink and are overweight are at higher risk for two of the most common types of oesophageal cancer. In the report compiled by experts at the AICR and the World Cancer Research Fund, it was revealed that one third - that's about 5,600 per year - of oesophageal cancer cases in the United States could be prevented if people didn't drink and maintained a health... ››› more
  • [20 April 2017]
  • Scientists find a link between alcohol and prostate cancer risk
  • Attention, men... If you drink alcohol, here's some bad news - Australian and Canadian scientists have found that drinking may raise your risk of prostate cancer. What's more, they found that the more you drink, the greater your risk of the fifth leading cause of death in men worldwide! These findings go according to a new analysis of 27 studies published in the journal BMC Cancer. Read ... ››› more
  • [27 February 2017]
  • Don't drink and take painkillers! It can trigger a deadly respiratory problem, study warns
  • Do you take painkillers and then drink alcohol? If yes, you'll be shocked to know that a new study published online in the journal Anaesthesiology has revealed that doing so can trigger a potentially deadly respiratory problems - especially in seniors. Lead study author Dr Albert Dahan, head of the Anaesthesia and Pain Research Unit at Leiden University Medical Centre in the Netherlands, report... ››› more
  • [10 February 2017]
  • Want to get rid of a hangover naturally? Snack on these four foods!
  • There's nothing worse than waking up with a pounding headache and feeling awfully nauseous after a night of drinking, is there? Before you reach for the painkillers, you should know that there are a number of foods you can snack on that can help you cure your hangover! The following four foods will assist a hangover recovery by stabilising your blood sugar and, in turn, prevent the pain, nausea... ››› more
  • [03 January 2017]
  • Digestive problems? Low on vitamins? Addicted to sugar? Start sipping on kombucha
  • By now you've likely heard about kombucha; a fermented drink that packs an impressive dose of gut-friendly probiotics. You may also have heard that it's one of the best things you can sip on to take back your gut health. While this is true, the benefits of kombucha don't stop at probiotics... If you're looking to support your digestive system, increase your vitamin intake, cut back on caffeine... ››› more
  • [30 December 2016]
  • Drinking alcohol is more dangerous than you think! Scientists warn it can even cause cancer
  • If you think that drinking a glass or two of wine with dinner every night will only take a toll on your liver, think again... According to data reported to the World Cancer Congress in Paris, drinking alcohol has caused more than 700,000 new cancer cases and approximately 366,000 cancer deaths in 2012, mainly in wealthy countries. At first, the alcohol consumption and cancer risk association... ››› more
  • [02 December 2016]
  • Sit down and enjoy a cold beer - it's good for you!
  • Beer is full of vitamins and is good for your health One of beer's nutrients can even stave off Alzheimer's Here's how to make the most of your weekend cold one If you don't drink beer anymore because you think it's the cause of your midline spread, you might want to reconsider. Sure, it has bad rap for being high in carbs. And yes, it could be the real reason you have a beer gut.... ››› more
  • [26 May 2016]
  • Three sneaky culprits of dry skin
  • When the weather gets cold and dry in the winter, it becomes especially important to keep your skin hydrated and supple. You already know that great products, such as a moisturising body wash and hydrating body lotions, go a long way to fighting dry skin, but for extra supple skin, try hydrating from the inside out! As the old saying goes, you are what you eat, and eating foods that keep you... ››› more
  • [16 May 2016]
  • Cutting back on sugar? Then these are your best booze options
  • When I first started cutting back on sugar, I treated it as an intervention to try out a new way of living. You know, just to see how it went. However, what started out as an experiment became something more. Now, one of the most common questions my friends ask me when they're contemplating quitting sugar is this: “What about alcohol? Am I allowed to drink it?” The assumption, of course,... ››› more
  • [06 November 2015]
  • New study warns: Just one drink a day can boost a woman's cancer risk
  • Ladies, put down your glass - now! A new study of 136,000 adults has found that just one or two drinks a day can increase your risk of certain cancers! Lead investigator Yin Cao of the nutrition department at Harvard's TH Chan School of Public Health in Boston, US, reported: “Our study reinforces the dietary guidelines that it's important not to go beyond one drink per day for women.” Th... ››› more
  • [21 August 2015]
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