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Warning: You're setting your child up for failure at school if you let him eat THIS…

by , 13 January 2015

It's almost time for your son to start school. All you want is for him to do well and excel to give him a better chance at life.

But the sad truth is, even if you put him in the best school and give him every opportunity to do well, there's something you may not have thought about. Something that's setting him up for failure!

It's his diet!

Read on to find out one simple change to it to ensure your child has everything he needs to be able to learn and do well at school…

If you allow your child to eat THIS, you’re robbing him of his ability to learn

Children need to eat a well-balanced diet to improve their ability to learn and concentrate.What your child eats has a huge impact on his overall health.
It’s not all about obesity, however. It’s also about the influence food has on his ability to do well in school too.
A new study done by researchers at the University of Ohio shows how allowing your child to eat junk food can influence his entire future. This because of what junk food does to his brain and his ability to remember.
That’s right!
Frequently allowing your son to eat junk food can destroy his memory and leave him unable to perform at school.
In the study, more than 11,000 children took part and researchers took note of their average diet.
More than a third of them ate junk food regularly while 20% of them said they ate junk food up to six times a week. Only 29% of the children hardly ate junk food.
When researchers then recorded data about their learning abilities in maths, science and reading/literacy, there was a notable difference between the scores of the children eating junk food regularly and those eating healthier, well-balanced diets.
The kids who ate junk food as part of their regular diet performed poorly in all three areas compared to those on a healthy diet.
So what’s the connection?
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Junk food influences your child’s development and ability to remember

You may be allowing your child to eat junk food as a reward, but you’re actually doing him a disservice.
This because of the nutrients junk food contains. Or rather, doesn’t contain!
For example, junk food lacks the mineral iron, which is an essential part of your child’s brain development and ability to remember facts and figures.
And there are plenty others he needs too; those you just won’t find in junk food.
If he continues eating junk food as part of his regular diet, he’ll be unable to perform in school and he won’t have as many opportunities in his future as you’d like him to.
That’s why you need to make the change to his diet starting today.
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Feed your child a healthy diet to improve his memory and allow him to achieve in school

A well-balanced diet is everything your child needs to do well in school.
Every morning should start with a brain-boosting meal – oats is a great example – followed by healthy snacks throughout the day and healthy, vitamin and mineral-filled lunches and dinner.
If you need some ideas and advice, check out our Savvy Kids book for everything you need.
It’s one influence you do have on your child’s ability to do well at school. So make your efforts count.
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Warning: You're setting your child up for failure at school if you let him eat THIS…
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