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Two ways to measure your Weight and Fat Loss Results

by , 05 November 2014

I work part time at The Yard Athletic for owner Scott Macintosh, in Fourways. The gym specialises in strength and conditioning training for athletes to housewives. There's one thing that stands out for me as being part of the Yardie family… How we measure our results in the gym.

The first reason most of us start training is to either lose weight, lose fat or get fit. Good choice. It's always a good starting point but the reason most of us fail to succeed is because you measure your results on either losing weight fast or just stopping because it's too hard.

At the Yard things are a bit different and yes we do build the best bodies in Jozi but it's because not only do our clients:

• Set smart goals
• Train smart
• And enjoy it

But they measure their goals in two ways.

This might help you understand training better and change the way your next new year's resolution plays out.


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Two ways to measure your results in the gym
  1. Obviously not with the scale but with before and after pictures. Make sure your coaches are taking these pics and showing them to you. Whenever you do an assessment again compare them and check how your body is changing. The scale might not always tell you the truth.
  2. The second way is by your performance. And this is the main reason our clients love the gym. Because they improve on their squats, deadlifts or fitness levels. We measure and assess all our clients when they come in and we can either reassess them or they become stronger and lift heavier and run faster.
Results with your trainer or by yourself don’t always have to be about how you look or the scales numbers. To stay motivated with your training you must measure all the types of results.
Here are a few things I measure within my training sessions:
  1. My 5km run - Am I feeling comfortable running at good pace? It’s not always about taking time off a run. But is my body adapting to the running for Crossfit.
  2. Personal best - Is my strength going up? For me my strength numbers are very important. I love feeling strong. And yes I was once one of those girls that bulk up when I just look at a weight. But now I lift heavier than I ever have and I am still petite.
  3. When I do a workout, I try to stay calm and in control of my breathing. It’s all about getting to a comfortable pace and sticking to it.
  4. Being mentally strong - Am I pushing my body with a strong mind? Am I confident in my abilities and am I growing in each training session?
  5. For me I like to maintain my weight. So weighing for me is about either gaining weight or staying at 64. Right now for me the number cannot drop. So I make sure I eat enough for what I want to maintain as a strong body. But I look at what I look like last.

Bottom line:  Set different goals for your training and you’ll stick to it for longer.

If you enjoy your training and focus on achieving your results in different ways the chances are you’ll stick to what you are doing for longer. Which will ultimately get you in shape.

That is what I did. I turned my back on being weak eating little and being obsessed with fat burners and the scale. And now I am in the best shape of my life and I’m still training hard because yes sometimes my body isn’t as lean as always but I’m hitting my personal best and that means more to me than any number on the scale. 

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Two ways to measure your Weight and Fat Loss Results
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