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This could be putting the brakes on your weight loss plan!

by , 28 August 2019
This could be putting the brakes on your weight loss plan!
If you've been following a healthy diet plan, exercising and managing your stress levels and you're still not losing the extra kilos you set out to, there could be another reason for it...

And it has nothing to do with your will power!

Recently, scientists at the University Utah discovered why there is an obesity crisis in the world - and reaches far beyond eating processed and sugary foods.

Find out what it is below...

Your gut could be the reason you're stuck on 'overweight'!

The researchers manipulated the gut bacteria in mice and found that when there wasn't enough good bacteria, and too much bad bacteria, the mice became obese. But when they planted healthy bacteria in these mice, they began to lose weight - and their metabolisms normalised.   

The problem started after World War II when the production and use of antibiotics exploded in the pharmaceutical and medical fields. They were dished out like 'candy' for every minor sniffle by doctors... And worse, they were (and still are) fed to livestock to speed up their growth. 

This has major consequences - and obesity is just one of them. 

The good news is with some dedication and nutrients, you can turn this problem on its head and restore a healthy balance of gut bacteria in your gut - to lose weight and boost your immune system.

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How to restore the balance of gut bacteria in your system

There are a number of steps to achieving a healthy gut - when it's out of whack - but it will be worth your efforts when balance is achieved.

Step 1: Eat organic foods that don't contain antibiotics. Don't accept antiobiotics from your doctor unless it's for a bacterial infection.

Step 2: Boost your immune system by eating lots of healthy vegetables, cutting out processed foods and refined carbohydrates, eating foods rich in antioxidants and fibre.

Step 3: Take a quality antioxidant supplement to reduce toxins in your body that cause inflammation - which also throws your gut bacteria out of whack.

Step 4: Take a quality pre-biotic and probiotic to reduce the bad bacteria in your gut and increase the good bacteria.

Not only will you lose weight when your gut bacteria is restored to normal, you will feel so much healthier too.

Joint and muscle aches could go away completely, your brain will be sharper - so you can think more clearly, you won't feel tired all the time and your digestive issues could be something of the past!

You will need to be patient though, it's not an overnight fix. But if you hang in there and continue to perservere - you will reap the rewards.

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This could be putting the brakes on your weight loss plan!
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