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These three simple snacks will help you beat gastrointestinal bloating!

by , 23 January 2018
These three simple snacks will help you beat gastrointestinal bloating!
Puffiness, a full belly and a terrible feeling of sluggishness - yup, we're talking about gastrointestinal bloating!

Experts say that a number of things can cause gastrointestinal bloating, from foods high in salt or sugar, to having imbalanced gut bacteria.

No matter the cause of your ballooning belly, there are a couple of foods that can help ease the pain. Keep reading for three of them.

Three snacks that help gastrointestinal bloating and gas

#1: Yoghurt and nuts
A simple bowl of yoghurt and nuts is more than just a creamy treat. Thanks to its healthy dose of protein, calcium, vitamin D and, most importantly, probiotics, it’s a great snack for reducing gastrointestinal bloating. So which nuts are best for your yoghurt bowl? We’d recommend walnuts, which are high in fibre and omega-3 fatty acids, for almonds, which are brimming with healthy fats and also help stave off belly fat (bonus!).

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#2: Banana and nut butter
Bananas are packed with prebiotics, which feed the probiotics that work to reduce painful bloating. What’s more, this tropical fruit is loaded with potassium, a mineral that fights sodium in your body and helps alleviate water retention. To make bananas easier to digest, pair one with a few dollops of high-fibre nut butter like peanut or almond butter. The healthy fats in nut butter will also help banish inflammation and the stress hormone, cortisol – two factors that can contribute to gastrointestinal bloating and belly fat.
#3: Cucumber and guacamole
Avocados will love this bloat-busting snack! Guacamole is mainly of avocado, which contains a host of anti-bloat nutrients, such as fibre, potassium and monounsaturated fats. There’s no better vegetable to pair guacamole with than cucumber. Not only is cucumber crunchy and refreshing, but also offers extra bloat protection. Just make sure you don’t overdo it on the guacamole – the calorie count in avocado is pretty high.
What do you snack on when you get a bad case of gastrointestinal bloating?

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These three simple snacks will help you beat gastrointestinal bloating!
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