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These are the dramatic changes you can expect when you cut out refined carbs!

by , 04 July 2018
These are the dramatic changes you can expect when you cut out refined carbs!
If you decide to cut out bread - and all refined carbs for that matter - it could be the best thing you've done for your health - and your figure - so far...

But few people realise what cutting out refined carbs really entails - and what to expect when you do. It's so much more than just the weight loss.

Keep reading below to find out exactly what you're in for and how to do it properly...

Exactly what are refined carbs?

Everyone talks about carbs as if all carbs are bad - but the truth is, there's the good and the bad when it comes to carbs. 

Let's start with the bad... Refined carbs are bad. There's no sugar-coating on this - they're plain bad.

But what are they exactly?

Refined carbs contain carbs that have been processed in a mill - that's the simplest way to think about it. So, bread contains flour that comes from the mill, cakes, boxed cereals, sugar, white rice, pizza, pasta... You get the idea.

The reason they're bad is because they're low in fibre and so your body digests them much faster - which causes a blood sugar spike almost immediately after you eat them. And, just a short time after that, you're hungry again because there was so little nutritious value in the refined carbs you ate, so your blood sugar drops and you eat more. This tendency to overeat causes you to put on weight and affects your health negatively. 
But what really happens in your body when you decide to ditch the refined carbs? Keep reading to find out...

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The changes your body goes through when you ditch refined carbs...
Weight loss: This first change is the reason most people decide to give up refined carbs in the first place. And it's a very good reason to do it because you can lose a lot of weight and centimetres this way.

Not only will you eat less when you eat a balanced diet consisting of protein, healthy fats like olive oil and fatty fish, and healthy carbs like vegetables, legumes, fruit, nuts, whole grains like oats, quinoa, brown rice and potatoes... Your body will start to burn fat cells for energy because it's not being fed a constant supply of fast-digesting fuel in the form of refined carbs. 
More energy: When you eat fibre-rich carbs along with protein and healthy fats, you experience a long-lasting and constant supply of energy. This eliminates the sudden ups and downs in blood sugar - which stresses your body.  

You'll be less moody: You can't help getting irritated and wound up over things when your blood sugar is spiking and then plummeting and then spiking again... But when you cut out the refined carbs, you'll feel more settled, and as long as you keep eating your healthy carbs, your brain will keep making the feel-good hormone, serotonin. 

Reverse pre-diabetes: If refined carbs made up a major part of your diet, and you're overweight, it is possible that you could be pre-diabetic. This means your body is slowly starting to lose its sensitivity to insulin... which eventually leads to full-blown diabetes. By ditching refined foods, you could reverse this condition entirely and retrain your body to use insulin properly. 

These are four very good reasons to give up refined carbs so go ahead and make that change today... Just remember to keep your healthy carbs in your diet and to eat a balanced meal every time.

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These are the dramatic changes you can expect when you cut out refined carbs!
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