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The REAL reason you're putting on weight...

by , 23 July 2018
The REAL reason you're putting on weight...
Putting on weight no matter how hard you're trying to eat right and get to the gym when you can?

There may be a very good reason for this...

In a study, researchers from the University of Florida in the USA did tests with mice. They found that chronic stress triggers the production of betatrophin - a protein that blocks an important enzyme involved in burning fat.

Keep reading to find out more and how to reduce the effects of stress...

The chicken-egg dilemma of stress and fat...

The mice that experienced metabolic stress produced significantly more betatrophin than the non-stressed mice, and their normal fat-burning processes slowed down significantly.

In another study, researchers discovered that body fat sends signals to the brain, affecting how it handles stress. This feedback loop, between body fat and stress, is a two-way street - creating a vicious cycle.

So, to lose weight, you need to stop stressing, but you can't stop stressing until you lose weight.  

What do you do?

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The Hollywood A-list secret to losing weight and keeping it off...
If there’s one thing Hollywood A-listers know about, it’s how to lose weight and keep it off. That’s because they know the secret to weight loss

To get rid of fat, there are three things your body must do:
1. Stop absorbing fat;
2. Burn fat before it turns to other available sources of energy; and
3. Control cravings.
But we all know getting your body to do this requires hours of exercise and a stringent diet. Right? 

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The dual approach to de-stressing and losing weight
If you tackle the problem from both sides, you're more likely to see and feel results you're happy with. 
The one thing is for sure - if you could just control stress, you wouldn't be in this situation to begin with. Stress is an ugly monster so don't feel bad that you need a little help conquering it. 

So, the first step is to take a natural supplement formula that contains adaptogens. It helps the body adapt to stress, minimising its impact on your cells, tissues and organs. 

The second step to reducing stress which will also directly burn fat is to exercise. You don't need to slog away at the gym - who has the time when you were so stressed in the first place? Just 15-20 minutes per day of brisk walking, a swim, skipping, jogging, dancing, whatever gets you moving so your heart rate increases...

The third step to de-stressing is to find solutions. Change what you can to make your life easier, simplify your routine, get organised, and then accept the things you can't change and let go. Don't let them get to you.  

The fourth step is to remove all the negative foods from your kitchen. Sugar, refined carbohydrates like bread and cakes, too much caffeine (a cup or two of coffee per day is okay) must go.
The fifth step is to remove the negative things from your life. If the news stresses you, just read headlines once a day and don't listen to or watch the full story. If your boss stresses you out, find another job. Financial stress? Find a life coach who can steer you in the right direction...
The last step is to make time to do the things you love every day. Don't put off the stuff you enjoy for the sake of the stuff that makes you miserable.

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The REAL reason you're putting on weight...
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