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Suffering from post holiday weight gain? Here's how to put a stop to its tribulations and heartache!

by , 02 January 2015

Do you ever look back and wonder how you got this way? It's not your fault. We're programmed to eat as much as we can to survive and store fat for future energy.

Take a look around: We live in a calorie dense, sugar-laden and processed food environment. It's harder to escape unhealthy foods than it is to get a hole-in-one!

The problem is weight gain is not just a nuisance. It's a serious health hazard. The good news is, even though weight gain is etched into your genes, you don't have to spend the rest of your life in a fat body!

Here’s why weight loss should be your number one goal for 2015!

There’s a direct link between weight gain and heart disease or stroke. This is so because your heart is the hardest working muscle in your body. The fatter you are, the harder it has to work to pump blood to the farthest reaches of your body.

That’s not all! Weight gain affects every organ in your body negatively.

And, even a small amount of excess weight accumulated slowly over many years can lead to type 2 diabetes. If left untreated, type 2 diabetes can lead to serious health problems, including heart attack, stroke, blindness, kidney disease, amputation and even death.

Make weight loss your number one goal for 2015!

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If you’re over 45, consider your weight loss solution carefully

As you know, it’s harder and harder to lose weight the more you get on in life. To break the weight gain cycle, exercise every day, avoid processed and refined foods and consider a daily supplement that will help you feed your cells the essential vitamins and minerals they need and keep your stress levels under control.

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Suffering from post holiday weight gain? Here's how to put a stop to its tribulations and heartache!
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