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Stop unhealthy eating habits today, they're the ones ruining your mood!

by , 28 March 2013

Did you know that unhealthy eating can make a bad mood worse? “Taking part in unhealthy eating behaviours may cause women who are concerned about their diet and self-image to experience a worsening of their moods,” says a study by Penn State researchers. You can prevent this from happening to you. Read on to discover healthy eating tips that'll improve your mood.

We all know unhealthy eating habits do more damage than good. But there’s more. Eating badly can make your mood worse.

Researchers at Penn State have found that “while there was little in the way of mood changes right before the unhealthy eating, however, negative mood was significantly higher after these behaviours”.

Luckily there is a solution to this: Good nutrition. A change in how you eat and prepare your food will have you all smiles again.

But, “good nutrition is not just a matter of selecting the right foods to eat. It is also important to prepare these foods in ways that will maintain their nutritional benefits, " says Health Bytes .

Do you know how to do this?

Improve your mood: Use these ten tips to help lower the fat and retain the nutritional value of your favourite dishes.

According to Health Bytes you should:

  1. Use low fat substitutes such as low fat salad dressing, low fat cheese and fat free milk.
  2. Use two egg whites instead of one egg. The yolk of an egg alone contains 5g of fat.
  3. Use olive oil instead of cooking oil. Bake potato chips in the oven instead of deep frying them in oil.
  4. Eat lots of salad with all your meals. Don't use more than a tablespoon of salad dressing on your salads.
  5. Avoid eating foods that contain a lot of carbohydrates in the evening such as potatoes, rice and pasta.
  6. Eat fruit regularly and drink lots of water. Avoid soft drinks with high sugar content. Drink lots of fruit smoothies. You can get up to five fruit servings in a single smoothie.
  7. Eat six meals a day. This will increase your metabolism.
  8. Avoid using butter when cooking or baking. Apple sauce is a great substitute for butter. When using butter, spread it thinly or use lower amounts.
  9. Try and stick to whole grain foods such as brown rice, whole wheat pasta and
  10. whole wheat bread.
  11. Use honey instead of sugar in your tea, coffee and cereals.

There you have it. Eating yummy foods doesn’t have to make your mood worse you just need to eat smart.

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Stop unhealthy eating habits today, they're the ones ruining your mood!
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