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Shocking study results reveal the truth about fat

by , 22 November 2019
Shocking study results reveal the truth about fat
In a study published in the Journal of the American Dietetic Association, a group of researchers from Michigan State University investigated the western diet.

They found that restricting foods high in calories or saturated fat isn't as important as eating more nutrient-dense, fibre-rich, plant-based foods.

The link between weight gain and metabolic syndrome... 

As fibre intake increases, the risk for metabolic syndrome decreases. And the risk of having metabolic syndrome is closely linked to being overweight or obese, a lack of physical activity and insulin resistance...

In the study, the participants who ate the least fibre were three times more likely to be affected by metabolic syndrome than those who ate the most.

In contrast, there wasn’t much of a connection between cholesterol and saturated fat intake and metabolic syndrome.

The researchers concluded that reducing the risk for metabolic syndrome should be centered on including fibre instead of focusing on deprivation.

One of the reasons for this is soluble fibre slows the digestion of food, giving the body more time to absorb nutrients. It prolongs the length of time the food stays in the stomach too, causing glucose to be released and absorbed more slowly into the blood stream.

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How to get more fibre into your diet...

Soluble fibre foods are those more commonly thought of as starches, like oatmeal, barley, rice cereals, corn meal and potatoes.

Soluble fibre is also found in carrots, sweet potatoes, turnips, beets, squash, pumpkins,
mushrooms, chestnuts, avocados, bananas, oranges and mangos.

You can also take one and a half tablespoons of finely ground flaxseed every morning and

Increasing your fibre intake will help you lose weight, regulate your blood sugar, help you feel fuller for longer and be more regular.

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Shocking study results reveal the truth about fat
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