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If you're trying to lose weight you need to remember to eat enough protein

by , 07 August 2014

One of the biggest mistakes people who are trying to lose weight make is that they don't eat enough calories. But not only that, they don't eat the correct nutrients to keep their bodies fuelled correctly.

So what happens, is that they lose the weight because of the calorie restriction, but as soon as they start eating normally again, they put the weight back on because their bodies felt deprived all that time.

But there's a way around this and it has to do with protein.

Read in to find out how to include protein into your daily meals without eating too much meat...

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It's time to lose weight the healthy way!

Have you ever seen a skinny person that looks small from the outside, but they don’t have tone to their body?
And if you'd look at their fat composition, they actually have a high fat percentage with the fat being in dangerous places like around their organs.
What's happened is that they lost weight, but not in fat. They lost muscle weight.
And that's why you need to be sure to eat a high protein diet when you're trying to lose weight. It keeps your muscles strong and they then work for you to help burn more fat.
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Here are ways you can include more protein in your diet:

1. Low fat mozzarella cheese: Instead of cheddar or Gouda, eat more mozzarella. 100g contains an exorbitant 32g protein. You can eat it on pizza, in salads, over vegetables and any other meal that tastes good with fresh or melted cheese.
2. Mature soybeans: Organic edemame beans are a great addition to salads or vegetable dishes. They contain 17g protein in 100g beans. Be sure to buy organic or you might eat genetically modified types that may contain chemicals.
3. Eggs: Egg whites are very low in calories and they taste great when added as cold boiled eggs to salads. You can eat egg whites on toast or have an egg white omelette. One egg white of an average sized egg will give you 7g protein. So think about a three-egg omelette with just the whites; that's 21g protein.
4. Greek yoghurt: A small tub of Greek yoghurt will give you about 6g protein for every 100g. This is almost double the amount of protein you'll get from normal, sweetened yoghurt. So go for the Greek yoghurt types to get your protein full.
There you have it! Make sure you're finally able to lose weight the healthy way and keep it off by adding good quality protein to every meal.

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If you're trying to lose weight you need to remember to eat enough protein
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