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How to reset and speed up your metabolism in just one day (yes, it's totally possible)

by , 24 January 2017
How to reset and speed up your metabolism in just one day (yes, it's totally possible)
Wouldn't it be great if you could reset and speed up your metabolism to turn into a lean, mean calorie-burning machine in just one day? Well, you can!

For a long time, the media has been punting all the ways to strengthen your willpower, lose weight and get in tip-top shape in the fastest possible way. While it sometimes works for some people, the downside to it is that the results are only temporary.

So how can you amp up your metabolism to help your body burn more calories naturally throughout the day, making it easier to maintain and lose weight? First, you have to unlearn everything you've been told about slimming down.

Next, you need to check out these four fantastic tips for speeding up your metabolism in just one day! They're easier than you think and will produce the long-term results you deserve.

Four ways to reset your metabolism in one day

#1: De-stress your day by meditating or brewing yourself a cup of herbal tea
High stress levels take a major toll on your metabolism, attack your thyroid and mess with your hormones and therefore cause you to pick up weight rather than lose it! Needless to say, it’s important that you address the stressors in your life. Here are my top two ways to de-stress your day:
Take five minutes to breathe deeply or meditate. This won’t only help reset your cortisol levels, but also enhance your mood and prime you for best weight loss.
Brew yourself a comforting cup of herbal tea. Some tasty options include chamomile, lavender or lemon balm tea. These teas also aid in restful sleep, meaning better weight loss results because as you know, getting enough sleep is an important factor when it comes to weight loss!
#2: Get at least seven hours of sleep to avoiding kicking your hunger hormone into overdrive
To avoid kicking your hunger hormone – known as ghrelin – into overdrive, you must aim to get seven hours of sleep. Yes, this is exactly why you head straight to the office vending machine for a chocolate bar or packet of chips when you’re low on sleep! What’s more, for every two hours of shut-eye you lose, you set back your weight loss by approximately 0.77 kg. On the other hand, your body goes into deep repair mode and burns serious calories while you’re sleeping. So make sure you catch enough z’s every night!

******** FEATURED ********
Here’s the plain truth. Diets alone don’t work.
How many diets have you been on, weight loss pills you’ve consumed, injections you’ve had to endure? You might have lost some weight but it’s probably all back on again…
The truth is that there is no magic solution to make the weight drop off.
The secret to successful weight loss isn’t starving yourself nor is it limiting your food choices or following a painful pattern of eating.
Find out the key to what you’re doing that’s preventing you from losing those extra kilos here.
#3: Eat fresh, whole foods that make you feel good
Eating high-sugar or processed foods wreak havoc not only on your digestive system and blood sugar, but also your metabolism. In fact, any food that leaves you feeling bloated and uncomfortable is a sure sign that it doesn’t work for your body or your metabolism, so you should avoid eating it. Instead, you should fill up on fresh, whole foods like organic fruits and vegetables, healthy fats, lean meats and whole grains, all of which will have you feeling 110% good in a snap and help to rev up your metabolism for accelerated weight loss.
#4: Drink eight glasses of water to prevent dehydration
When you’re dehydrated, you encourage your body to retain water, making it difficult to get your body weight down. To prevent dehydration, you should aim to drink at least eight to ten glasses of clean, filtered water each day. Try drinking two when you get up, another two at 11am, two at 1pm, 3pm and 5pm, and you’re done for the day!
PS: Want to keep seeing and feeling the results of detoxing? Incorporate these six foods into your everyday diet!

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How to reset and speed up your metabolism in just one day (yes, it's totally possible)
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