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How to get your loved ones to jump onto the clean eating bandwagon with you

by , 21 January 2016

You're ready to whip your diet into shape and start eating clean. You can see your future already - you'll be healthier, happier and more energetic.

But there's one snag in your plan: Everyone around you. Your family, friends, partner… None of them are ready to give up fries and ice-cream the way you are. And this makes it hard.

Florida-based dietician Sarah Krieger says: “Having your friends and family on board is important to having you reach your goals.”

The good news is it's possible to get your friends on track. Read on to find out how you can do it…

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How to get your friends and family to eat healthy

When your friends and family have your back, health habits are just easier. In one study, dieters who participated in nutrition and exercise activity with two to seven friends or family members lose more weight and trimmed more belly fat than those who had no moral support.
Do it with your family, friends or partner and you have a built-in cheerleading system! And that makes getting healthy not only easier, but also more fun.
But truth be told, changing how everyone eats can be a challenge to say the least. “Bring your goals up in conversation with your family or partner at a neutral time – not meal time,” suggests Krieger.
And rather than saying things like, “you’re making me eat this way” or, “I don’t understand why you want to eat this junk,” say, “I can’t do this alone” or, “I’d love your help!”. That can open up a conversation about how to build a healthier home without making your loved ones feel like they’re under attack.
What to do when your loved ones can’t quit junk food

If you’re in what I sometimes call a “salad state of mind” and your partner’s still on the “let’s go get take outs” train, he or she may unintentionally sabotage your efforts. If the chocolate bars and chicken nuggets still lurking in your pantry are driving you insane, just let it go. Period.
Don’t get stressed or frustrated – tell your loved ones that you want to eat healthy for you. They don’t have to participate. “We tell people that if you’re ready but your house isn’t, then be a role model. Start living your healthy lifestyle and don’t talk about it or push the issue,” says Krieger.
Even if they’re reluctant at first, they’ll often start to follow as they watch you – and see how great you look and feel.

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How to get your loved ones to jump onto the clean eating bandwagon with you
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