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Here's how to master the hormonal link to weight loss...

by , 27 April 2020
Here's how to master the hormonal link to weight loss...
Did you know weight loss is in your genes?

Three “chemical” hormones are vital to weight control. They are:
• Insulin
• Leptin
• Ghrelin

If you learn how to control them, you can lose weight and stay lean.

How to help balance insulin, leptin and ghrelin for weight loss... 

Controlling these three hormones can make weight loss and staying lean easy and permanent. Plus, it will restore good health by boosting your immune system and helping you fight disease.


Insulin controls your metabolism. It tells your body how to react to what you eat. And it’s critical to weight gain or loss. That’s because it balances sugar and builds body fat.

You can restore your natural balance of insulin if you eat the right foods in the right ratios.

Carbs spike your blood sugar and release insulin. So the first thing to remember is that you have to lower the amount of carbs you eat. You also have to be very specific about the type of carbs you do eat.

It’s also important to increase the amount of protein you eat in your diet to keep your insulin levels stable.

Low carb diets tend to normalise insulin metabolism in most people, especially in those who are overweight. This prevents swings in blood sugar that helps people to lose weight.

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Leptin is responsible for two functions which directly affect how much body fat you carry. This hormone controls:

• Appetite and hunger
• Energy expenditure

Healthy leptin levels tell your brain that you are full after eating. But when your leptin levels unbalance, you’ll start to feel hungry more often.

A recent study conducted in Canada looked at the link between leptin and exercise.

The team of researchers took lab rodents and put them through a series of exercise programmes.

They monitored their leptin levels before and after the programme. And they found that leptin sensitivity dramatically increased in all rodents.

It’s a simple message: if you want to balance your leptin… start exercising.

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Ghrelin is the counter-balance to leptin. While leptin tells your brain that you are full,
ghrelin tells it you are hungry.

There is one effective way to balance ghrelin. And it’s a simple solution. You have to
keep your appetite sated. If you’re not hungry, ghrelin “hibernates.”

So you need to select healthy foods that keep your hunger at bay… without spiking
blood sugars or leading to fat gain.

A major factor in such a food plan is protein. That’s because it digests slowly, keeping you satisfied longer and keeping your ghrelin levels low.

There is a second solution that will help keep ghrelin production low... Ghrelin also regulates your thirst. So if you drink plenty of water, you satisfy ghrelin and lower its production.

Keep these three hormones in check to lose weight.

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Here's how to master the hormonal link to weight loss...
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