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Here's how to make exercise more enjoyable - and even catch up on some work!

by , 13 August 2021
Here's how to make exercise more enjoyable - and even catch up on some work!
Some people throw the covers off at the crack of dawn, slide into their workout gear and head out the door for the gym, track or road. These people actually get motivated with exercise and if they can't exercise, they feel incomplete.

Then, there's the second group of people that see exercise as hard work. They have to ply their minds really hard to work up the courage and will to get to the gym, track or road.

Whichever group you fall into - but especially the latter, this new study can help you enjoy exercising more...

"They took Happy and TED talks to the track!"
The study was run by Brunel University in England. The researchers divided the participants into three groups.

One group listened to the song “Happy” by Pharrell Williams, another group listened to a TED talk and the last group didn't listen to anything while they ran or walked as a form of exercise on an outdoor track. 

The researchers measured the participants' brain waves during exercise and monitored their alertness and fatigue levels. 

The results of the study were interesting...

Those that listened to the chirpy music had 28% more beta wave activity in their brains than those that didn't listen to anything, and 13% more than those who listened to the TED talk. 

The researchers concluded that listening to music or a talk can make exercise more tolerable. 

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So how can you make exercise more pleasurable for you?
Maybe, with a bit of planning, you could make exercise a whole lot more do-able - taking the pain out of the thought of having to move your body...

* Try listening to happy music too.
* If you feel exercise takes you away from your work, or you don't have time for it, why not bring work with you - you can listen to long documents instead of reading them with the help of new technology!
* Or, organise a group so you can all talk and laugh during exercise - making it more pleasurable. 
* Think about where you exerice as well - it may be worth driving 10 minutes to a park to exercise than having to breathe in all those exhaust fumes and dodging traffic. 

Make it work for you so you don't dread it. 

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Here's how to make exercise more enjoyable - and even catch up on some work!
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