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Have gout? Eat a banana!

by , 08 April 2014

Bananas are full of minerals and vitamins and they have a variety of health benefits. One of these compounds is especially important to your health if you suffer from high uric acid levels that cause gout! Keep reading to find out how important bananas are for your health…

Gout develops when you have high uric acid levels in your blood

Uric acid builds up in your body when you eat too many foods containing purines. You’ll find purines in foods containing high levels of proteins, foods like organ meat and red meat.
Because your kidneys can’t excrete uric acid quickly enough, the levels build up in your blood. The higher the level of uric acid, the more your body fights to get rid of it, and it finds ways to “dump” it. This is when the uric acid moves to your joints and causes gout.
There are, however, three special compounds in bananas that can prevent this from happening!
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Naturally reduce your uric acid levels by eating bananas
In one medium sized banana there’s about 400mg of potassium, says goutandyou.com. This potassium plays a significant role in how your body reacts to uric acid. Basically, it helps to keep the uric acid in a liquid form. By doing this, it’s easier for your kidneys to keep excreting it and it doesn’t crystallise in your joints!
The other important compound is folate. It also helps naturally lower uric acid levels and repairs the damaged tissue in your joints as well.
The third compound in bananas that’s great for your joints is vitamin C. It helps to relieve your symptoms of gout when you’re suffering from a flare up.
There you have it! Eat at least one banana a day to keep your symptoms of gout under control. 

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Have gout? Eat a banana!
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