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Four ways to measure your weight loss results without a scale

by , 17 July 2014

Are you obsessed with your scale?
Do you get depressed when you weigh in and you have gained 500g?
Here's good news!
Gone are the days of the morning weigh-in ritual.
A scale isn't always the most accurate way to measure your weight loss progress.
Read on to find four simple ways you can track your results instead…

Four ways to ditch your scale for good
1.   Progress pictures – The great thing about pictures is that they have nothing to do with a number. Placed side by side, pictures can give you a visual of how your body is actually transforming. Sometimes depending on how you train lean muscle mass can add extra kilos to your number on the scale. But photos will show you how you really look, or where you have cut off some body fat and where you’re toning up.

2.   Your favourite pair of jeans - The way your jeans fit is an easy and  accurate means of seeing changes in your body. Find those favourite pair of jeans that no longer fits and every second week try get them back on. Use that as your tape measure for a while and don’t stop until they fit again.

3.   Get your body fat measured – Body composition and weight are not created equal. Sometimes your weight can go up as your body fat goes down. You must get this done by a fitness professional so your results are accurate. Try and measure your progress on a weekly basis.

4.   Waist and Hip Circumference – Go dig out your measuring tape and measure your waist and hips. Or your biggest problem area. Always take it on the exact same spot and write every measurement down so you keep track of how many cm you drop in two weeks.

These are easy tips to help you break up with your scale and be more positive which will also help you keep going to reach your goals. Remember to celebrate the small successes because losing cm or weight takes time. And losing weight or fat isn’t going to make you a better person! So enjoy the journey and every small achievement.

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Four ways to measure your weight loss results without a scale
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