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Four fat-burning exercises that will help you erase flab fast

by , 12 December 2017
Four fat-burning exercises that will help you erase flab fast
Dropping fat is no easy feat, and a hardcore cut usually eats up burning as much motivation and strength as it does fat!

Fortunately, we have a few quick and easy fat-burning exercises up our sleeve (and, yes, they really work!).

Whether you're working out at the gym or at home, the following four exercise tips will help you burn calories and erase flab fast.

Four fat-burning exercises that will get you in shape for summer

#1: Run for at least four hours a week
If you haven’t already caught the running bug, it’s about time you do. According to a Yale University School of Medicine study, people who run for at least four hours a week burn more calories than non-runners – even when they’re not running. It’s true – you continue to melt fat after you jog!
#2: Work out harder in the first half
Cranking it up early in your workout can have major benefits. A study from The College of New Jersey showed that people who worked out harder during the first half of their workout and took it easier during the second burned up to 23% more fat than those who did the opposite.


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#3: Try shorter workouts
Research published in the journal Obesity notes that staying 80% of your max heart rate for 40 minutes can shake up your metabolism for 19 hours afterward. A Colorado State University study adds that doing a shorter workout at 75% of your max aerobic capacity will give you a greater metabolic boost than swearing longer at 50%.
#4: Do strength training super-slowly
Strength training can help you trim major fat – and doing very slow (versus normal speed) reps increases strength by 50%. Gregory Haff, PhD, an associate professor in the exercise physiology department at West Virginia University in the United States, recommends using dumbbells as they activate more muscle fibre than machines.
There you have it – four fat-burning exercises that will get you in shape in time for the holiday season! 

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Four fat-burning exercises that will help you erase flab fast
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