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Five tips to maintain your glow post-detox

by , 07 March 2017
Five tips to maintain your glow post-detox
Detoxifying isn't a long term dietary plan, but a lot of planning goes into it. You have to ask yourself questions like: Which detox programme will you follow? When will you start? How long will you go for?

Whether you've just finished a really strict detox diet, added vegetable juices, done the Paleo thing or just gotten rid of all desserts for a month, you deserve a high-five! You're almost there. However, if you've been counting down until the end of your detox just so you can indulge and undo all that hard work, you may want to reconsider.

Here's how to eat after your detox programme to continue promoting skin health, boosting your energy, reducing inflammation, cleansing your liver and aiding weight loss!

Five tips to continue with your healthy lifestyle after a detox diet

#1: Avoid binge eating!
It’s tempting to treat yourself to your favourite food – whether it’s pizza, ice cream or cookies (or all three!) – after finishing a detox programme. But resist the temptation! If these foods made you feel awful before, they’ll make you feel even worse now that your body isn’t used to them. Not only will they cause bloating, they’ll also negate all of the positive mental effects that you built up while ridding your body of harmful toxins.
#2: Fill up on fruits and vegetables
Your energy levels skyrocket when you detox because you’re finally giving your body the nutrients it needs – most of which come from fresh fruit and vegetables. It’s essential that you keep a variety of fresh, organic produce as your dietary staples to help your body naturally detox those occasional treats. If you plan to eat a hearty pasta for dinner, eat it with a small side salad – your tummy will thank you!

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#3: Drink more than your typical water intake
Drinking tons of water is an instruction that almost every detox diet includes. This is because drinking water helps flush out toxins and heavy metals as well as cleanse essential organs like your liver and kidneys. Just because your detox plan has come to an end doesn’t mean that you should stop drinking more than your typical water intake. In fact, it’s even more necessary now that your diet isn’t completely clean, so drink up!
#4: Take note of your bowel movements
Your gut lies at the core of your overall health. If certain foods trigger gut problems such as bloating, diarrhoea or constipation, it may be a warning sign that those foods don’t agree with your body. After detoxing, your bowels are at their best, so it’s easier to identify foods that don’t work for you and continue to eliminate them. Doing this will prolong the effects of your detox diet and keep you feeling on top form in the long run!
#5: Remember – timing is everything!
After you finish a detox diet, it’s important that you maintain your “90% of the time” mindset in order to continue with your newfound healthy lifestyle. Only treat yourself to cheat meals when it’s worth it. If you really missed chocolate, buy yourself a slab of your favourite kind and enjoy every last block. Or, better yet, make brownies at home from scratch. Indulging is only worth it if the quality is worth it!
These five post-detox tips are sure to keep you on track and continue with your healthy eating efforts! 

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Five tips to maintain your glow post-detox
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