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Five tips to accelerate your fat loss for your upcoming goal

by , 24 January 2018
Five tips to accelerate your fat loss for your upcoming goal
Do your favourite pair of jeans seem to fit a bit more snugly after the holiday season? Before they're even feeling super-tight in the butt, or you're seeing a little bit of muffin top peeking out?

If you answered, ‘yes, yes, yes!', you may be tempted to resort to an extremely low-calorie diet or other dangerous tactics to lose that excess fat fast. But that's totally unnecessary! Here are five safe strategies to crank up your fat loss.

Five ways to get lean and toned this week

#1: Make protein shakes your go-to
If you want to see the needle on your scale move down (and keep it there), make protein shakes your go-to. Have one for breakfast and another for lunch or dinner. To ensure your protein shakes pack enough nutrients, include ingredients like non-dairy milk (like soy or almond milk), protein powder, leafy greens, avocado, chia seeds and cacao nibs.
#2: Limit your fruit intake
Some fruits are extremely high in sugar and contribute to weight gain, so make sure you stick to low-fructose fruits, such as avocados, tomatoes, olives, lemons and limes. If you enjoy berries in your morning shake, make sure you don’t add more than one cup.  To really dial up fat loss, eliminate fruit altogether.


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#3: Eat more non-starchy carbohydrates
Up your intake of non-starchy vegetables (like asparagus, beans, carrots, cucumbers, mushrooms, onions, Swiss chard and zucchini) to eight to 10 servings (one serving is half a cup cooked or one cup raw) a day, while keeping quinoa and other slow carbohydrates to one serving (half a cup) per meal.
#4: Quit snacking!
Every time you snack on something, you raise your insulin levels, which promotes fat storage (yikes!). So, whatever you do, don’t snack. If you absolutely must snack, make it a serving of vegetables with a serving of fat and 50 g to 85 g of protein.
#5: Take a green tea supplement
While supplements aren’t a one-way ticket to fat loss, they sure do help when you want every bit of fat-loss ammunition! One supplement that’s been shown to promote weight loss is green tea extract. One study found that green tea extract created ‘significant fat loss’ for obese women over 12 weeks.
What are your top tips for speeding up fat loss?

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Five tips to accelerate your fat loss for your upcoming goal
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