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Enjoy life and eat the meals you love despite your kidney problems

by , 24 June 2014

Living with chronic kidney problems is hard. You have to constantly watch your diet and make sure you're not putting too much load on your kidneys.

But while you need to be careful about what you eat, you certainly don't need to eliminate all the foods from your diet that you once enjoyed!

Instead, use these four tips to eat the meals you love, while taking your kidney's health into consideration at the same time…

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Don’t let eating out become a no-no when you have chronic kidney problems

Tip #1: Become a regular at your favourite restaurant
Instead of trying new joints every time, stick to eating at your favourite restaurants. That way, when they get to know you better, they’ll be more open to preparing your order as you need it to be.
Tip #2: Ask your waiter to prepare your food by order
When you order your food, specify your health issues when it comes to added salt. Then make sure the kitchen prepares your food by order. Make sure the staff takes down your instructions to cook your food without salt and other additional salty sauces.
Tip #3: Watch your portions
Your typical restaurant serves ginormous portions, so make sure you stick to what you should eat. Either pack the rest away before you start eating or order half portions only. Either way, be sure to remove the temptation to overeat.
Tip #4: You can even eat fast food
While you shouldn’t eat it every day, you can eat fast food on the odd occasion.
Choose grilled options where you can, and leave the sauces and pickles off the burgers. If you pick a side of fries, make sure you calculate the sodium and potassium into your full day’s requirements so you don’t overeat on these items.
There you have it! You can still enjoy a dinner out on the town despite your kidney problems as long as you take your health into consideration every time.
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Enjoy life and eat the meals you love despite your kidney problems
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