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Drink more than three cups of coffee a day to improve liver health, say experts

by , 30 June 2014

Compared to non-coffee drinkers, those who drink more than three cups a day can keep liver problems at bay, say experts.

A meta analysis study confirmed that if you drink more than three cups of coffee every day, your risk of developing liver cancer decreases by a staggering 36%. But there's still hope if you only enjoy a seldom cup of coffee. Your risk is 28% lower compared to those who never drink coffee.

So what is it about coffee that helps you ward off liver problems?

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Coffee contains a variety compounds that can keep liver problems at bay

Researchers say caffeine is one of the major components that gives coffee all its health benefits.
But it’s not the only component. There are around 1,500 compounds in coffee, many of which provide some form of benefit to your health! But it’s still not 100% clear as to what it is about these different compounds that keep your liver and overall health in shape.
What experts do know, however, is that you should drink coffee for your health…

Don’t just drink any coffee to keep your liver problems at bay

It also depends on the type of coffee you choose to drink, says the research.
Your plain, roasted and brewed caffeinated coffee is the best, while Turkish and French pressed blends don’t provide nearly as much benefit.
The bottom line is that you shouldn’t be worried about your love of java because it’s actually healthy for you and many aspects of your health.
Just make sure you’re drinking enough water as caffeine is also a diuretic. So it could dehydrate you slightly if you’re not careful and only resort to coffee as your daily drink. 

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Drink more than three cups of coffee a day to improve liver health, say experts
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