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Don't get distracted - you'll put on weight!

by , 29 October 2020
Don't get distracted - you'll put on weight!
Even when we don't have to rush somewhere, grabbing a bite to eat on the way, we've become excellent multi-takers in this electronic age...

We read the news over breakfast...

We have lunch while we pay the phone bill online...

We eat supper while we watch an episode of "Suits"...

It seems every minute of our day is filled with "usefull" tasks.

But, while we may be cramming more in to our days, we're not getting healthier...

... Or thinner!

Find out below why distracted eating could be the reason you're battling to lose weight...

Study shows we eat 10% more food when we're distracted...

In a study out of UK's University of Birmingham, the researchers observed that when people were distracted, they ate 10% more food than if they ate without distractions.

Worse - they also snacked more during the day - up to 25% more than they would eat if they sat down and ate mindfully at meal times.

In another study, out of the University of California, women who ate mindfully, lost weight over a 6-month period. They also had lower levels of cortisol in their bodies. This is the stress hormone that often leads to overeating.

So, if you want to lose weight, slow down, pay attention to your food, and savour every bite and sip!

This will ensure your brain acknowledges the food you've eaten - and it will help you plan your meals better...

Keep reading for tips on how to make mindful eating the norm... 

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How to eat mindfully...

The first step is to switch off electronics at meal times. No phones, no TV - just you and your food.

Eat at a table. 

Make an effort to make your food look, smell and taste good so that you're able to savour it with all your senses. Colourful dishes are very attractive to the eye.

Don't fill your plate to the top - transition into enjoying a decadent, flavourful meal three times per day, every day.

Allow yourself enough time to eat your meal slowly. Rushing a meal is just as bad as eating on the run. 

Give it a try - soon you'll be less stressed, and you'll need to eat less because the food you've eaten is more nutritious and your brain has had the time to process it properly. 

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Don't get distracted - you'll put on weight!
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