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Don't fall for these dieter's pitfalls - they'll sabotage your weight loss efforts!

by , 27 January 2021
Don't fall for these dieter's pitfalls - they'll sabotage your weight loss efforts!
You feel your clothes are a bit on the tight side, and you're starting to have nightmares about blowing up to the size of a hippo...

So, you mark the day - usually a Monday - and you launch into the diet of all diets...

Determined to lose weight, you make a conscious effort to look for foods that will help you shed those extra kilos...

But sometimes, it's the very foods you seek - diet foods - that keep that extra weight just where it is - on your waist, hips and butt - no matter how hard you try to shake it off!

Stay clear of these misleading diet foods...

Fruit juices

What could be healthier than fruit, right? Problem is, fruit juices are high in calories and low in fibre. This means, they don't help with creating a calorie deficit - and they make you feel hungry - so you end up eating more!

Dried fruit

Because the juice has been removed from the dried fruit, it makes this snack really concentrated with sugar and calories. And because they're much smaller than their fresh versions, it's easier to eat more of them than you would the fresh kind.

Diet coldrinks and sweeteners

They don't contain sugar, or as many calories, so how can they be bad for you? Well, studies have actually shown that diet drinks can actually lead to obesity. Turns out, the sweeteners stimulate hunger hormones by changing  the body's response to dopamine in the brain!

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Low fat yoghurt

This is possibly the biggest scam yet... While the fat is removed from the yoghurt - making it low fat - sugar is added... making you fat!

Packaged foods

As a basic rule, if you're going to go on a diet, be prepared to eat ONLY foods that look and taste like they do in nature (bar cooking them of course). Colourants, flavourants and preservtives are fattening - so if it's changed from its original form, you can bet it contains some ingredient/s that will sabotage your diet!

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Don't fall for these dieter's pitfalls - they'll sabotage your weight loss efforts!
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