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Do you practise intermittent fasting? Do this one thing to make it even more powerful!

by , 25 October 2021
Do you practise intermittent fasting?  Do this one thing to make it even more powerful!
Intermittent fasting is when you concentrate the time of day in which you allow yourself to eat - leaving the remainder of the 24 hours food-free.

The most popular schedule is 16:8 - so you eat a healthy diet during an 8 hour period and avoid any food for the remaining 16 hours of the day - including the time you're sleeping.

This is a really good way to lose weight because instead of getting a constant feed of food to use for energy, your body has to dip into its reserves - ie. fat cells, to keep your energy levels up...

And before you know it - you've lost a few centimetres...

But now, there's one other simple thing you can add to the fasting that will make it even more powerful - not just for weight loss but to improve your energy levels too!

Do this one thing in the morning for more energy and a slimmer body...

Go for a walk in the morning when you get up before breakfast...

That's it!

Just this one simple activity will boost the benefits you're getting from fasting!

The natural light and gentle exercise you get from this morning activity will go a long way to forcing your body to dip deeper into its fat stores...

But not only...

It will lift your mood thanks to the vitamin D boost you'll get early in the day...

You will regulate your circadian cycle which improves sleep quality - and more sleep means better energy during the day PLUS easier weight loss...

Other benefit include better circulation, lossens stiff muscles and joints, improves lymphatic flow which means less toxic build-up in the body thanks to better waste removal and a clearer, more confident mind!

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But it’s not your fault – and it doesn’t have to be this way forever…

In just 20 seconds per day, you could… Turn your body into a super powerhouse!


So start tomorrow, set your alarm clock for half an hour earlier and get out into the bueatiful morning air for a better figure and healthier lifestyle!

And, if you need a little bit more motivation, listen to happy music during your walk - studies have shown that listening to music during exercise trains your body to wnat to keep doing more - so it get easier to get up in the mornings...

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Do you practise intermittent fasting? Do this one thing to make it even more powerful!
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